What Is (10w)

What is the scaffolding that holds your world into place?

old new arc

(10w – Ten Word Poems)


The Virtual Lair Of The Web(10w)


Sometimes the web that is weaved traps the spider within.


I am exploring ten word poems (10w) some of which I published on Hello Poetry. Often my poems come from a single word or a sentence. Some have come from a photograph, something I saw, a feeling or experience. I believe all poets derive poems from these, an experience, a love or a loss. The ten word poem tells a story in a single sentence of only ten words. I have seen other variations where a poet can from a single word or sentence compose longer stanzas.

The poem above came as a result of my reply to a comment made by Moonskittles on my post Facebook – Yes Delete Is Possible about being careful in what people say ON THE INTERNET. My thanks to a fellow poet for inspiring my thinking with a simply comment.

I have many ten word poems to share. Some will require some explanation where others may be up to the readers own imagination.

The Law Of Entropy (10w)

Tornado Warning 2/3/2016 2:36 PM in South Carolina

The Law Of Entropy

(A Ten Word Poem)

Why entropy do you proceed to a measure of disorder?

NOUN / ˈen-trə-pē / entrəpē / entrəpi

(communication theory)

a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome

 Staind – Outside