Sugar Water
Looking through the wet looking glass one can see the light in reflection

Our tears

And the rain

Dew drops

With whom form reflection

Even then there is light

And the darkness fades

Dew on Wysteria blooms
Like the blossom of a flower, petal by petal, love opens and shows the beauty. Two flowers, two heart, a single love.

I need you

Like the desert needs rain

Like the breathless need air

Like the flowers need sunshine

I need you

From the first chapter of our love story

To the last

You give me

Everything I need



So happy


Blessed too

Just by breathing

And being you

My world is complete

In you

I love you heart and key
With this key you hold my heart close with yours

On A Tin Roof

In the deafening silence
Under the brilliance of darkness
A tin roof plays a melody
From clouds above
Towards gravitational flow
Spirals of vapor
Water does flow
By the light of a candle
Peaceful serene
Aroma of incense
The music of clean
I surrender my senses
To Nature embrace
The sound of rain falling
On the roof of my space