My Life Before Virtual

Once I was normal. Well not really, however I was not virtual. I did have a computer but the Internet was in “infancy”. I did things, to me, were normal, like interacting with other people in the real sense. But this was my generation…

Once the Internet became my virtual world, which may I add is the opposite of the real world, I certainly became intertwined into it. We tend to incorporate both worlds these days into a woven fabric in time. Surly we are connected in some way to each other because of its very existence.

I can hope that some good has come for it, from me. Admittedly I am a failure. I seem to have a patent on failure. I am really good at it too. But I still try. Not always do I get it right. And you can count on me to keep working at it until it is perfect. That’s what I do.

I find it ironic that I use the virtual world to write about the same world.
How much time do we spend there? I know I have dedicated (truly) a lot of my time, my life, to the Internet. I have gained vast knowledge because of it. I enjoy researching and learning new words. Imagine what can be learned through reading… in as much as you are reading this. Calculate what can be achieved if you spent more time writing, I have. I chose to write. I also chose to read. A nice trade-off for sure.

True Love

True love is a rare thing. If you’re lucky enough to find yours, hold onto them and never let them go. You don’t give up on someone you love.

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Love is the best of all emotions. It fills my heart to abundance, even overflowing. When I met my one true love, my best friend and confidant, it was the best day in my life! One day, several months later (As the story unfolds) I was overcome with the most beautiful, yet scary feeling I have ever felt. I realized two things… I was in love with her and I wanted to spend every waking moment with her. I have never been “in love” before. Sure, I loved, but not like this! Yes, it was scary… At first. And I cried for it. Not because I was afraid, but because I felt the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced in all my years. It was undoubtedly the absolutely best, most comforting and heartfelt emotions I have known. It was unfortunate, we were hundreds of miles apart, I worked on the road back then. So I called her, told her everything I felt… And even cried. Yes, real men do cry. When we are happy, when we are sad. In the comforting arms of a mans woman, he can do that. She understands him. She is good, kind and brings her man peace and security when he needs that most.

True Love is Pure. It is unadulterated and without failure. Some, think they know what true love is. Some have a twisted view on what it should be. True love is perfect. But humanly it has flaws. However, true love can be diluted, if allowed, by other influences of emotions.
True Love has no secrets and no lies.

My true love, she is my everything. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I love everything about her. From her toes, to her nose, and a little bit further, I love her… Deeply, completely and above all others. I cherish ever moment we are together. I adore her, love the sound of her voice and want only happiness for and with her. I love the way she makes me laugh! I look forward to being in the same space with her. The most beautiful part of this… She loves me too. We share a connection, that traverses the miles. We know what each other is thinking and when it is time to kiss. There is nothing more wonderful and kind, than being in love. We are a mirror of each other. And.. “Looking into the Mirror… As the Story Unfolds… I will write more about how epic our love is…

When true love and destiny collide, let not the sparks Kindle a flame that forged a virtual sword. Wielding in the hands of evil, surly the destroyer will destroy the goodness and security of their passions.
When confronted with anger. Press forward without hurtful words. Instead, make kindness and understanding priorities. When one can talk with kindnesses, the other will be able to see and understand better. Always forming the clay into perfection, provides for a deeper and truly romantic relationship. Love conquering all bad, replace it with sweetest of dreams.

“Beliefs don’t make you a better person. Behavior does.”


“Learning to tell the truth is a fantastic time saver.” – Francesqua Darling