We All Breathe


life has so much beauty
like the breath you are taking
in this very moment
feeding your blood
flowing into your mind
letting your eyes see
these words
and you remember
the ugly
lifers horrors
still you live
neurons fire
placing nightmares
into your cortex
even when you sleep
And that’s okay
we must remember
the past
it helps us to remain safe
life is about reality
for the evil that also breathes
giving life to its own horror
seen with eyes
where neurons fire
from blood
feeding on the breath
we all breathe
let him live
in his own nightmare
when it sleeps
never eating on your hate
because you love you
you love life
and live
seeing life
your life
because you still breathe


Always resist the temptation to forget the painful part of your past.


Your Heart Was Only Broken For One

moonrise bridge

What filters through
This cage can never contain
Delusions of grandeur
Architect of pain
Testing the limits of science
Someone falls to pieces
In a strange and selfish way

Zero is a number
A circle has no end
Nothing is always something
But you cannot see the wind
Absence has a meaning
What is the lonelier thoughts
When you are only one

Death does not become us
A net can trap you in
Casting delusion of emotions
Only feeling pain
For your mind is not
Trapped in sorrow
Life is yours to gain

Remember your heart
Fingers holding pen
Writing words in blood
You say it is broken
But how can that be
For without a heart
Air you can not breathe

Only broken by one
A fissure so vicious and deep
You think your world has ended
Left Feeling defeat
Crumpled like a wet dish rag
Dropped to the floor
Cement boots on feet

A thousand lies
Made you colder
Still you have heat
How feisty is your fire
Will you feed that beast
The one named rage
Maybe your better off this way

Close your eyes
Your beautiful
And free
An amazing being
Always your soul
Is yours to keep
Rise up from the deep

From everything you gave
Investing all you have
Building doors to open
Those castle walls from thee
You’re nobody’s fool
A loving being
Welcome to the machine

Pickaxe in hand
In a single blow
Harvesting pixie dust
Magical delicious
Eating from the wizards bowl

You dream of a star
Abundance of light
My goodness it seemed far
Mathematical brilliance
Neurons fire
Like a nite sprite

As you hold the kite’s string
Lightning flashes
As sanity sings
Then the darkness fades
Who was this madness
A cause in effect
Was it all in dream

That forked tongue
Which caused you to break
You were never in the business of misery
Still you were never a saint
It just felt so good
To never be a demon of hate

cracked not broken

I have read many blogs where someone talked about how broken their heart is. I want you to know that your heart is not broken. It is only one person that make you feel this way. Inside you are a whole person, still full of love and dreams and hope.

Feelings get hurt. Some people thrive on making someone hurt. I have known the cheating liar and been beat down to the point I gave up. But I did not give up on me. I gave up on that person. It is their own hate and misdeeds they must live with. They lost me. I never lost them.

Your heart may feel broken but the truth, it is only broken for that person.

Say This

I know in my heart that there is that ONE special person who loves me. I will never be an option for them. They will always defend my honor and respect me.

And when you think of this, in this way you too will see.

Never stop believing.