Doing A Crime Can Reach Into Places Inside

((This IS A Joke – For Adults Only))

It was a nice sunny morning where Tom and Jerry were staying. They had taken a trip to one of those “Medical Cannabis” states to acquire the needed goods. After they had scored, the decided to fire one of those babies up. Little did they know a police officer was nearby and smelled the weed smoke. Soon they found themselves in the Iron Bar Motel.

The next morning they were presented to the judge for bond. The judge being a bit free spirited himself, decided since he would decide these two boys fate, he make them a plea.

The judge told them both;
“I will give you one week. ‘During this week you are to go out and convince people to give up drugs.’ ‘Be back here on Friday, then I will decide your sentence by the number of people you tell me gave drugs up.'”

They agreed and set out to do as the judge instructed.

On Friday they appeared before the judge. The judge asked Tom; “How many people did you convince to give up drugs?” Tom replied; “Your Honor I convinced 83 people to give up drugs.” The judge asked him how? Jerry said; “I told them they would be arrested if they did drugs, and told them of my experience here.” He showed the judge the evidence. The Judge then said; “That’s really great! You are free to go.”

Then the judge asked Jerry; How many people did you get to give up drugs?” And Jerry replied; “Your Honor I convinced 843,361 people, and counting, to give up drugs.” The Judge was astonished. “That is amazing! How did you do it!”

“Well your Honor, I used Social Media to get the word out.” I made a picture on my computer. Then I blogged it on WordPress, posted it to Facebook, Twitter and many other sites. “Really?” Said his honor. “Let me see the picture.”

Do not do Crime
                                                                   Before and after image of your asshole