Facebook -Yes Delete Is Possible

Facebook is perhaps one of the Social Media places nearly everyone has at one time joined. Anyone who is engaged with this site may have downloaded an APP like messaging, installed the FB on a phone, smart device or PC. If you did, you may have noticed that everything you do, everywhere you go, FB is right there following and monitoring your every move. It has become Big Brothers step-child.

If you find you are addicted, tired of the spy or just had enough of the drama, you CAN completely remove Facebook.

It was very difficult for me, to locate how I could remove myself from Facebook. All the HELP pages kept directing me in a seemingly endless circle. Facebook makes a lot of money tracking you, selling your information and sharing what you buy, where you eat and basically your personal life. It was not hard for me to understand why they wanted me to only deactivate.

Here is the link to both. (the difference of deactivating verses deleting Facebook)

Deactivate Facebook  (A temporary Solution)

Delete Facebook  (deleting your Facebook ~~ Permanently)

Facebook CLAIMS it could take up to 90 days to remove all your personal information from their servers. They have back-ups of back-ups. Furthermore the Internet has a way of perpetuating anything you post. Do Not be fooled into thinking because you have your FB set as private that it is. I looked at one time many profiles that thought they had blocked me from seeing what they were posting.
And there is always the “FRIEND OF A FRIEND” who copies and shares what you thought was private.