A Word In Your Shell-Like


Indefatigable persistence in reading takes one to omniscience.

Love Key
The Love Key opens different doors in a relationship. Know the one you love. It takes time and patience to know each other. A couple grows stronger over time.

It is better to be careful 100 times than to be killed once. – Mark Twain

The path is always not straight
Life’s path is not always straight. At times the terrain is rough and rocky.  Sometimes we have to stop. We catch our breath and smell the flowers. Other times all seems lost and impossible. Even the best of friends at times do not follow the same path. True love and true friends carry a map. One that always leads us back.  Back is sometimes forward when both walk the positive path. Hold my hand as I hold yours and together neither with fall over the edge.

powerful love

The problem you solve is the reason you were created on earth.

Collect questions because in them are answers.

What grieves you is a clue to something you are assigned to heal.

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”  — Carl Sagan, Cosmos


When everything seems to big to handle go outside to change your mind.

Lately the snake has been eating its own tail.

When I hurt too much to talk there is too much pain inside.

Soft Blows
Where there is thunder
the lips speak in soft blows
Syllables award-winning
Connect in dialogue
A distance meaning close
Action speaking deafness arouse
Hammer to anvil
Current transmitted
Feelings stir emotions
Message is clear

Even someone as cool as me emits light. ~ Wade Lancaster

Each one of us is a being of light shining our glory onto the world.


happiness comes


A wise man listens to the wisdom of his wife.

My woman’s cooking is so good if you put it on your head your tongue would beat your brains out trying to get to it.

My wife’s fried chicken could bring world peace.

{ NOTE to self; I’m not married }

You keep what you kill. Remember that.
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When I am afraid I Will master my fear.

Have you found the answer to your question
Are you thinking of the same as me
Happiness is not elusive
As we know it’s conducive
Scripts not needed
Going with the flow
Steady as we go
Hands together
Eyes looking in
Together we will
Demons flee to wind



To this end, my blade soars through the aquarium of my soul. Seeking the kelp of discontent, which must be cut, so that the rocky bottom of love lie in waking, with fertile sand, for the coming seed of my true loves affection. Does this explain my need for her? No. It is like a giant cave of emptiness waiting for the bats of love, to hang by, and beckon me to taste that heavenly food. In heart, my heart beats for only one… That is you, my everything and one true love.


MS Welcome Center

If only you could see
I am like a mimosa tree
My branches you can climb
My leaves will give you shade
When my spring arrives
My flowers you can see
The aroma is only for you
In the night
My leaves close
It is how I hold you within my arms
In this way I exhale
And you receive the oxygen
For it enriches your blood
And your heart becomes happy for it
Dig into my roots
They are dug into the soil of our togetherness
Feel the richness
Smell the earth
Look upward towards the sky
As the light of happiness
Filters through
If only you could see
I am more than just a tree —

Wade Lancaster

old tree



Partners in life
Ever flowing happiness
To the different moments in life
Sex flowing from a look
A touch or a word
Ending in a moan or sigh of two
Able to accept
That is not perfect
Willing to change
Truth is a glue
Faithful the two
Speak in our ears
Prolongs all our years


Rob Thomas ~ Now Comes The Night

I looked at a star in the sky. and I knew I could fly to it
You are the apple in my eye.
And I knew you would get me to it.
Upon wings we reach new heights.
Float in the air and breathe it.

What Good Is

Once you command your own sea you command everything.

Rainbow Sea
Be the rainbow to your sea.


What Good Is

What good is speech
When you are not heard
What good is hearing
When you can not listen
What good is thinking
When you have no thought
What good is seeing
When there is darkness
What good is feeling
When you feel nothing
What good is hope
When you are hopeless
What good is peace
When there is none
What good is life
When you can not live
What good is caring
When you can not care
What good is dreaming
When you have no dreams
What good is good
When you are not
What good is…

Good is the state of mind where you have absolute belief in yourself.

Life is within
Rebuild Yourself


The most powerful things are buried deep inside us. The only way we can accept them is to let go.

Let go of the person who treats you like an option not and asset.
Let go of the person who treats you like an option not and asset.


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~ Andre Gide

Mango roots
Command your ocean finding the roots for all you believe.


I spent five days in the hospital from last week until earlier this week. But this is not the point or focus of this post. I have to thank the EMT persons who went above and beyond.

We all perhaps can remember, when knowing someone’s telephone number was either in our mind or written near the home phone. Remember the little black book? At one time we did not have these cell/smart phones. I am sad to say I myself have allowed electronics to take away my ability to remember. I can not even recall my loved ones phone numbers. Anytime I need to convey or write it I have to refer to that glorious device. So yes, how sad for us all. Especially me.

Once again my point. After being taken via ambulance by EMT personnel to the hospital, going through admittance and getting into a room. It the fog of my condition, maybe even under the influence of whatever medication they forced into my veins, I asked for my phone. Seems it was not either with me or “lost” as told to me by a nurse. How could that be? I am usually sure to place it in my pocket.

So the entire time I was hospitalized, I had no way to let anyone know where I was. My kids, who are grown, I found later had called and texted me on fathers day. My daughter even came to my home on that day. She thought that I had to work. Doing some housework for me, leaving me a wonderful Fathers Day card on the table and departing home she had no clue where I was. For her, it was not unusual for me to be off to some destination.

When I finally was discharged, took a cab home, and looked for my phone, I could not locate it. But I did have another cell phone. Sad, once again, it did not have anyone’s number in it that I wanted to call or text. One person did call my home phone and leave a few voice messages. (OH MY!) So at least I was able to text the one. However, from the content of the left messages I saw no reason to share my whereabouts.

So I am thankful. The EMT whom transported me to the hospital, at the end of their shift, found my phone. Now after a day of doing what they do best they had no idea of who’s phone this was. The lady, tried to look, and being my phone was locked could not find a way to call someone to say I have this phone. She went above and beyond and took it to a Verizon store (my carrier) and turned it in. It took some doing but the employee at the store, found it was mine and mailed it back to me. THANKS! So today I got my phone back.

In a past blog post I wrote about the way we now store passwords and other virtual information today. I once again have learned a new lesson. Write the phone numbers down for the people you may need to call. You never know when you may not have that cell phone.

A Tree Becomes What Is Inside

“What an astonishing thing a book is. It’s a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you’re inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.”

[Cosmos, Part 11: The Persistence of Memory (1980)]

Carl Sagan, Cosmos

On A Tin Roof

In the deafening silence
Under the brilliance of darkness
A tin roof plays a melody
From clouds above
Towards gravitational flow
Spirals of vapor
Water does flow
By the light of a candle
Peaceful serene
Aroma of incense
The music of clean
I surrender my senses
To Nature embrace
The sound of rain falling
On the roof of my space

Journey Of Sand – Hold My Hand

Journey with me my friend.

Together let us travel in time.

an old wind up clock

Like sand we shall filter through. As if only a pebble may get in our way, never will we see it as a boulder. Because we are sand, children of the boulder. And as time erodes the minutes, together we can make mountains into boulders. More important, boulders’ into pebbles, and pebbles into sand.

Let us capture that moment. A fraction of the minute we share. Let us dream in deepens desire. I can imagine a design in story. A convoluted truth of mysterious travels. Sifting upwardly toward the sky.

Someone said the sky was our limit. In my mind I say he lied. Let him reach the sky. He wants to build a home there… In the sky. I want to build a Kingdom! Because in my mind there are no limits. The universe is MY playground. I ponder that thought. No, not just the universe… The Multi-verse. Because I am timeless, wild, boundless, and peace. I am without limits because it is my time, our journey. I am patient.

Yup, it is a big libray
Knowledge is found in literates

Write the beauty in your heart. Create new chapters. No, not chapters, libraries. Talk with me so we may corroborate. I look at you, into your eyes. You see my laughter and smile. In our shared mind, we, the sand of time, talk. Let us marry our thoughts. A pure union of positive thinking. All at once you understand my wisdom. And join with me in an outburst, perhaps a giggle or two. The apparent truth is declared, the sky is not the limit. It is only a stone. A place to rest.

the windowscollective
          Enter My World Net Citizen

We grind away some time in our sky. No matter how broad the horizon . No matter how large these boulders of sky may be,  You and I are time. More numerous that the sands of all glorious seas, we are contained in the hourglass of life.  We write a new chapter in our lives. And add the sand of sky to our landscape. Planting a garden of nourishing food for thought. I paint the canvas of borrowing sky. I believe we need window. It is the portal into my mind. You add a mirror, Yes, it will reflect our togetherness. I paint for you the moon and the stars. You paint a door. Travel with me to infinity and beyond. Believe with me… The sky is not the limit. We are only the limits of imagination.

Baby Fish River

Baby Fish River – A Short Story by Mirna Morgan

A watcher, a flyer and I think a poetess too!!!!

Baby Fish River

Baby Fish River – Chapter Two

Baby Fish River – Chapter Three




Fan away essence in the past
The foul smells of remembrance
Breathe in today like there is no tomorrow
In as much when tomorrow arrives
Positive splendor abounds
For it is a new tomorrow
In consensual order
Reach discoveries
Then you will see
Before you can understand the meadow
You first need to understand
The blade of grass

Gravatar Me And You – Make The Most Of It

In the virtual world the dot preceeds everything.

Anyone who uses WordPress has a Gravatar associated with their profile. This is that tiny picture that appears when you “Like” or “Re blog” a post from another blog. We all have seen the picture. But do you know that that teeny tiny little picture could contain a wealth of information? Do you know how resourceful and powerful such a tiny photo can be?

Look at mine; My Gravatar

My Gravatar

Anytime you like, follow or post to your WordPress site there’s a tiny picture generated that comes from your Gravatar.
A person who wants to look at your blog, perhaps follow you or may be curious as to what your blog contains would click on this little picture. Simply enough right? After all, we hope to widen our circle of creativity, attract more readers and gain inspiration from reading.
However, I have noticed, interestingly enough, how few have filled in the links to their blog, Twitter, Facebook or website links. Imagine how wide your influence could be if you simply spent a few minutes today completing your Gravatar.

I would encourage everyone to take the time TODAY to capitalize on the free service your own Gravatar can serve. Imagine how you could turn a frustrated person into a loyal reader of your blog. Consider the visits one could get to your website or followers and friends for twitter and Facebook?

Therefore my friends… What You Do Not Seek You Can Never Discover… Nor can anyone else if you do not have a Gravatar that is complete.

My Life Before Virtual

Once I was normal. Well not really, however I was not virtual. I did have a computer but the Internet was in “infancy”. I did things, to me, were normal, like interacting with other people in the real sense. But this was my generation…

Once the Internet became my virtual world, which may I add is the opposite of the real world, I certainly became intertwined into it. We tend to incorporate both worlds these days into a woven fabric in time. Surly we are connected in some way to each other because of its very existence.

I can hope that some good has come for it, from me. Admittedly I am a failure. I seem to have a patent on failure. I am really good at it too. But I still try. Not always do I get it right. And you can count on me to keep working at it until it is perfect. That’s what I do.

I find it ironic that I use the virtual world to write about the same world.
How much time do we spend there? I know I have dedicated (truly) a lot of my time, my life, to the Internet. I have gained vast knowledge because of it. I enjoy researching and learning new words. Imagine what can be learned through reading… in as much as you are reading this. Calculate what can be achieved if you spent more time writing, I have. I chose to write. I also chose to read. A nice trade-off for sure.