Puissantius Of Kandarin – The Dragon Shield

Book One – Chapter One – Part Five

  Watching Mr. Lumcook put together this banquet was a great experience. I never knew you could marry so many different things together. Watching him make and bake a cake was a good lesson. The way he prepared each and every dish with superb mastery motives me to one day follow in his footsteps. “Alright Puissantius. Everything is ready for the banquet. If you will help me with two more things I will free you from this kitchen for today.” The Cook advised. “Most surly I will.” I told him. “You have shown me something I will remember for my entire life.” “That’s good to know Puissantius. Cooking is an art that only can improve. You have now the chance to practice your skill and aspire to be a great chef. Now, help me to move and place everything in the dining hall. It is through the door over there. I took as many dishes as I could carry and followed him through the door. “Wow!” I shouted. “Look at how magnificent this room is. Is that a mahogany table and chairs?” “Indeed it is Puissantius. Carved wood cut from trees in the jungle near Tai Bwo Wannai on Karamja. All the gold decorations, the teak panels and tapestry are products from every kingdom in Gielinor.” The Cook explained. We brought everything and set the table even a king would be proud of. “Okay assistant. Everything is ready for the Duke. Lastly I need you to go advise his lordship his banquet is ready. In the kitchen I left a bag for you. Inside is a fine new cake pan and ten chocolate bars. You might want to deposit your gold and everything else in the bank after you talk with the duke.” We said our farewells and I left to ascend the stairs.


I knocked on the solid wood door of the Dukes quarters. I heard him beckon me to enter. “Good-day Duke Horacio. Mr. Lumcook asked me to stop by and advise you he has prepared your supper. He asked if you would met your guest in the dining room.” I explained. “In the dining room? Guest? Oh my, I must have forgotten. Did he say who was coming?” The duke asked. “No sir. He only asked me to help him prepare the same meal the first cook made in a time past. I assisted him and we prepared the dining room for you.” I replied. “Okay Puissant. Thanks. Don’t forget I have a very important task for you. It seems the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island has once again broken free in the dungeon below Crandor island.. She has invoked her right to battle with you. Only a son of Kandarin can fulfill the pact written centuries ago between the dragon and Gielinor. She has sensed you were near and advised her right to battle.” The duke explained. “WHAT!” I exclaimed. I know nothing of fighting dragons! I can hardly defeat a chicken. It will burn me to ashes or eat my body and bones. I can’t!” I cried. “Puissantius calm down. This dragon is not as powerful as some. Yes, she can breathe fire and has vicious teeth but with training and the ‘Anti-Dragon Shield’ you will be able to force her back into the pit. See that shield hanging on the wall? Take it, it is yours.”

Anti-Dragon Shield


The duke informed and pointed to the shield. The shield was magnificent. It was large and shaped like a kite. It had a dull reddish color, some bronze and a riveted boarder. It appeared to have magical powers emitting around it. The symbol of a dragon with a sword impaled was on front. I took the shield. It was lighter than it looked. As I placed my arm into the leather it felt different from that of a cow. “This is mine?” I asked. “Yes.” The duke replied. “It is yours. It was crafted by a master smith using metals melted by a dragons breathe. The leather is dragon hide. An ancient mage endued the shield with magic that repels the dragon’s fire. Take good care of it Puissant. Practice your combat skills and when the guild master of the Champions Guild sees you are ready he will give you further instructions. Now go upstairs to the bank and deposit the shield for safe keeping. Good-day to you and good-luck.” The duke finished talking and turned to change his clothes. I exited the room and climbed up the stairs to the bank. “Good-afternoon sir. Would you like to access your bank today?” The banker asked. “Yes sir I would.” I replied. “Very well. Enter your pin and I will open your vault for you.” He explained. I entered my pin and the vault opened. “Sir, if I may, can I offer you one of our new tool belts? It allows you to carry a wide assortment of tools. It frees your hands and also makes more room in the backpack. It is free, a service we offer all of our patrons.” The banker informed. “Sure! Free is good. Thank-you kind sir.” I replied. I took the belt and wrapped it around my waist and buckled it. I put the shield in my vault and took all the tools out. I put each in the slot of the belt. I noticed there was a place for other tools, ones I didn’t have. I looked at the instruction pamphlet and it listed where each tool fit. Great, more stuff I don’t have. Time to go mine some ores and do some other things to make money. Oh money. I almost forgot what the cook had given me. I put the cake tin and coin in my bank. I kept one chocolate bar and put the rest in the cold storage. I closed the vault and the banker locked it again.


As I left the castle and went outside I noticed how nice the weather was. I spoke to a few local people along the way thinking how cheerful everyone seemed. There were butterflies fluttering around and even the graveyard did not seem too grim. The giant rats were further off in the distance today. The fisherman was talking to a couple people and waved as I walked past. Once I made it to the mine I got my pick-ax from the tool belt and began to strike the rocks. I was able to cut 14 pieces each of copper and tin ores. These were heavy and I decided maybe I would head back to the smelter and see if I could combine them and get some bronze bars. One of the other guys at the mine told me and this woman who was nearby, there was another mine to the west where he found iron ore and maybe even gold. He suggested we could meet here tomorrow and travel together and try our luck there. We all agree to meet. The lady reminded us the rock was much harder to cut that this soft stone here. She said if we had steel picks it would take less work. We all laughed, thinking one day maybe we could afford one. I bid my farewell and walked back toward town.


I stopped at the fountain in Lumbridge to get a drink of water and filled my pitcher. It would be nice to have a beer. I do not recall seeing a pub in this city or an inn either. I guess I should ask someone, there must be one nearby. I could use a bath too. Washing off in the fountain really is not the same as a bath. I could dive in the river but I am not sure what may be living in it. There was a man and woman talking outside the walls who I’ve seen before. Locals I guess. They would know where the local pub was I’m sure. I walked over to where the two were sitting near the bard. “Hello. Nice day to sit around and listen to music. How are you, I am Puissantius.” I inquired. “Hello Puissantius. I am Jon and this is my friend Joan. How do you like Lumbridge so far?” Jon replied. “Hi Joan, nice to meet you both. I like it. It is a nice town. Much bigger than where I came from. I am learning my way around.” I replied. “That good to hear. There is not much to do here. Not like some of the larger cities. And these monsters they let live here make it harder on us all.” Jon advised. “Monsters?” I asked. “Yeah, those goblins. Monsters I say. They let those and some others infect our town. The god Bandos left them behind after the god wars. They breed like rats. Like we need more rats. But the H.A.M movement is working to rid us of….” Joan cut him off. “Hush Jon you don’t know whose listening. He might be one of them.” “Nonsense Joan look at him. He doesn’t even know what I’m talking about… do you Puissantius?” Jon asked. “But he came here on a ship, with that knight.” Joan stated. “Well Puissantius, are you?” Jon asked. “Am I what? I do not have any idea what you two are talking about.” I said. “Are you a spy?” He asked. “No. NO I am not a spy! I am a simply farm boy from Ashdale. And that knight, Sir Isaac, put me in chains and forced me here. Said I am supposed to save something. And what are H.A.M.’s? All I wanted was to ask if you knew where a guy could get a beer around here. Hell after talking with you two I might need a lot of beers or maybe even something harder.” I exclaimed. “Easy Puissantius. We can never be too careful. I should have never mentioned it. We never know. You see that owl, on the fence beside the Sage? He is always looking, listening. And that guard over there, the dog, they all could be spying on us. The movement is close to acting. And they know it.” Jon advised. “Listen. I am not a spy and I think you may be a little paranoid, about this movement.” I replied. “Puissant. Can I call you that, sounds more local?” Joan asked. “Sure Joan. Why not it seems people around here have been calling me that anyway.” I stated. “Okay Puissant. The H.A.M. are an underground movement. It stands for Humans Against Monsters. We want to rid the whole of Gielinor of every one of these beast. We are starting here, in Lumbridge. And as our members grow, we will one day, when the time is right, eliminate all of them. We would like you to join. Think about it, okay?” Joan explained. “Sure I will. Sounds like a good cause.” I wearily replied. “Good!” Jon said. “Now about that drink. Father Aereck would not allow a pub or bar or even an inn in this town. You will have to go to Varrock, Falador or Port Sarim for that. In Port Sarim is the Rusty Anchor Inn. It is closest but more dangerous to get to. You would go through the forest to the west. In Varrock is Blue Moon Inn and the Dancing Donkey Inn. They all serve beer for 2 coins per glass.” Jon advised. “Oh, and Puissant. You should go to Varrock. There is a clothing store near the town square. You should stay at the inn. A bath would do you good.” Joan informed with a smile. “I guess I will be going along now. I want to smelt some bronze bars and I was planning to go to Varrock to sell them anyway. Thanks for talking with me. I will see you again soon.” I stated. “Good-bye Puissantius, nice talking with you.” They both replied at the same time. I could hear them talking about maybe they should have never told me about the H.A.M as I walked toward the smelter. I will have to come back later and see if they will tell me more.


The blacksmith was adding some coal to the forge and asked me if I would pump the bellows as he arranged it evenly. I could hear the fire increase with intensity as I pumped air into the flames. The smelter was getting hotter and the cast iron casing around the fire brick lined oven was beginning to glow. The blacksmith motioned to me I could stop and he turned back toward the anvil where he grabbed some tool and pulled his molten metal from the forge. He indicated to me I could use the smelter. He pointed to where there was pots to melt metals and molds to pour them into. I gathered equal parts of copper and tin, putting them in a pot and placed it in the forge. I pumped some additional air in from the bellows and waited for the mixture to melt. Once the metals were completely melted I poured it into molds and cooled it with water. I received 28 bars of some high quality bronze. I am not sure what the value would be but it probably is enough. It was getting late in the day. The food the Goblins were cooking across the river smelled delicious. I was thinking maybe I would buy some bait and fish on the river. That would be safer than killing something like chickens. I laughed when I thought how a chicken was so tough and the duke believes I can kill a dragon. I went to the fishing store and got some worms. I sat on the bank watching the Goblins fighting with some adventurers. It did not take long until I had caught a nice mess of fish. Some good sized trout and a few crawfish. I had quite a few worms left. I took them over to the gardener and asked if I could put them in the garden. She was happy to see me add them. Worms are good in a garden. Maybe one day I can plant something. After cutting some wood for a fire I cooked my fish. Thinking about tomorrow, this will be the day I move to Varrock. I am excited to visit a new city! They say it is a big place with many shops and places to see. How wonderful this sounds. Buying some new clothes and trading on the Grand Exchange will be the first thing I want to do. Then I really would like to get a room at one of the inns. Take a nice long bath then go downstairs to the pub, drink a few beers and eat some food. Sleeping in a bed will be so comfortable. Bed, home, kitchen would truly make my life more comforting. They say there is an estate agent in Varrock. Hopefully it will not cost too much. Adding some more wood on the fire I curl up and go to sleep.

Authors Post Note

This marks the end of chapter one. In the next chapter Puissantius will travel to the city of Varrock. Varrock is a large old city on planet Gielinor. He will learn about all the gods and the role each play in the story. Varrock is the home of the largest library in Gielinor. Here Puissant will meet Reldo the librarian who will direct him to all the written knowledge of history. It is then Puissant will learn that he is now in the sixth age, something epic has occurred. Will you continue with him on this journey?

Nightmare Muspah

big eyes

Nightmare Muspah
Forged from the dreams
Of elder gods
A treasure chest
Walking around
Without legs
Follower in place
Of swamp filled wisp
How lustrous the spring
In memories rift
Converter of desires
In a divination spheres

The sound board is the soul of your grand piano. (10w)

Puissantius Of Kandarin – The Cooks Assistant



Book One – Chapter One – Part Four

The Cooks Assistant

A cock is crowing and it brings me from my restful sleep. I could hear the roosters’ crow to my north repeating his awakening calls. Soon after, the hens begin clucking signaling the dawns rise. I can see the sun is rising to the east. There is a faint color of red and yellow in the fading night sky. I tossed a few logs on the embers of the glowing coals from night’s previous fire. As the fire catches and flames begin to dance I can feel the warmth. Pulling the map of Gielinor from my pack I study the land around me. Today I shall try and explore this city further. Tomorrow perhaps I will have some things I can sell at the grand exchange. I feel safe in the city of Lumbridge. Yet I yearn to travel to some of the towns and cities in the kingdoms nearby.

I can smell bread cooking. People are beginning to walk about the street outside the walls. A few walk past as they enter into the castle. The meal I cooked last night was satisfying. I do not feel weakened by hunger like the day before. The journey here by ship did take some strength from me. But now I feel content knowing I have some basic tools to make me stronger. I feel refreshed and warm. I secure my fire, then wash my face and hands in the fountain. The water is cool and quite refreshing. Quenching my thirst I decide to enter into the castle and explore. The aroma of fresh bread is stronger as I enter through the large strong doors of the castle. It draws me in and I follow its lovely scent to an open door down a short hall. Looking inside I can see a man wearing a white outfit and a hat. He is adorned in clothing only an expert chef would be allowed to wear. I can tell from the way he moves about the kitchen he is in a hurry to prepare the breakfast.


As I turn to leave the cook calls out to me. “YOU! Come quickly I need an assistant to help me finish these dishes.” I dart through the door and settle near the man. “Go down that ladder into the cellar and bring me a pot, five plates, nine forks, two spoons and a bucket of water. You will find everything I ask at the sink. Don’t mind the rats, kick them if you must out of the way. Now HURRY!” I opened the trap door without hesitation and climbed down the ladder into the cellar below. The place was dim and cold barely lit by the torches on the walls. There were old partitions dividing the place into different areas, not like rooms. As I looked around trying to see where this sink was, I saw a rat running in endless circles near a cabbage on the floor. There was a small table in one area. And against one wall a chest. Next to the chest was a shelf with what looked like an assortment of spices, pots of flour and other items used in cooking. On the wall to what I think is north I see the sink. I grabbed a sack and went to the sink, getting everything the chef asked for. I will have to come back here when I have more time to have a better look around.

As I climbed back up the ladder I could hear the cook talking to himself. He was seemingly complaining of never having enough help. How nice, I thought. Maybe I can take a job with him and earn a few gold coins. Maybe even learn how to make some impressive dishes. The chef directed me to plate what he has cooked for the duke. I took some utensils hanging on the wall and begin to put together food from the stove. The stove and oven were very impressive. A well-crafted cast iron and stone model, black, inlaid with brass. Suddenly the cook grabbed me by my arm. As I turned to look at him I could see the horror on his face. “Lad I can see from the way you are slopping my lord’s food on that plate you are not well mannered. In fact I can tell you are not really a cook. Oh no!” He took the plate from my hand and placed it on the nearby table. “You can come back and eat this once you have finished helping me. But for now, get that crate over there and be ready to receive these plates.”

I watched him as he carefully plated the different foods. He skillfully placed individual portions on single plates. Garnishing each with a variety of spices and herbs. “I can see by the way you are plating this food you are a master chef.” I stated. He laughed. “Lad I am the best cook in all of Lumbridge. But the master chef is in Varrock at the cooking guild. He is the one who taught me. Where is the bowl I asked for?” The chef exclaimed. “You did not ask for a bowl sir. I brought everything you told me to get.” I replied. “Go back into the cellar and bring me a bowl. No, bring three bowls. And a pot of flour from the shelf. Oh, and another bucket of water too. Now hurry!” He commanded. I climbed back down the ladder into the cellar below. I noticed in one of the areas there was a hole in the wall. It looked very dark as I peeked through.  I grabbed another sack from the pile and obtained everything he wanted.


Climbing back up the old wooded ladder and through the trap door into the kitchen, the cooked helped me up. He took a single bowl from the sack and carefully filled it with stew from a large pot on the stove. He added some spice from a shaker. “The duke likes his curry to be extra spicy.” He stated. Placing the bowl into the crate. “Now take my lords breakfast to him. He is on the second floor, third door to your right at the top of the landing. Don’t forget to bow to him as you enter the room. He is after all royalty. You do know how to address men of stature right?” I nodded. “Once you have delivered this crate come back here and join me. We will sit and eat together. I have something you may be interested in. ‘Very well sir.” I replied. “I shall be back soon.”

As I exited from the kitchen carrying the crate of food I noticed the mind rune once again on the floor. Gielinor is a place of magic. It seems someone, or something has either cast a spell on this tile in the floor, or from a remote place replaces it each time it is taken. I must learn more of this magic. But I haven’t any idea where to begin. Someone passed by me and climbed the stairs. She offered a hand and helped me to carefully carry the crate, asking where I was going. We reached the second floor, she smiled and continued up to the next level. I made my way past some guards in the hall, almost tripping over some logs left carelessly on the floor. I knocked on the door of the dukes quarters and he open and invited me in. “Place the crate on the floor near that table.” He motioned to the table next to the wall with a chair. “Puissantius thanks for bringing my breakfast. I see you have met the chef of my castle. Did he teach you anything?” “Yes he did. He advised me on how to plate food properly.” I replied. “Very good indeed. Now leave me. I have a task for you in the future. I will call for you once I hear you are ready.” He motioned me toward the door as he sat down at the table. I closed the door behind me. I looked to the north end of the hall and could see a stair like the one I just ascended. It must lead to the other end of the castle probably connecting the entrance hall. OH, maybe after eating I can come back and see where it truly leads. I peaked in the room where the spinning wheel was located. A girl was crafting some bow strings from flax on the spinning wheel. I asked her where she picked the flax. “It comes from a field south of Seers Village near the castle of Camelot.” She replied. “Seers Village? Where is that?” I asked. “It is to the west. Have you no sense of direction? You must not be from around here!” She replied and smiled. Giggling as she turned back to the wheel. I could see she was focused on her task and decided to close the door. I made my way back down the spiral stairs and went back to the kitchen.

“Hello adventure! I am glad you are back. I tossed that slop you had plated in that bucket over there. When you leave you can give it to the pig who wanders around in the courtyard outside the castle. The pig says he hopes to one day become bacon, and one day I may give him his wish. I have prepared for us to eat. Some of what we, I mean I, cooked today for our breakfast. Here sit with me, let us talk.” We sat down at the table. I see the man has once again served us some very remarkable looking plates of food. “Now tell me lad, what is your name?” The cook asked. “I am Puissantius. And what is your name?” I replied. “I am Lumcook, ancestor of Frannizard Van Lumcook. But you can call me ‘The Cook.’ Frannizard was the first cook in our family to serve a duke. One hundred years ago he came here and prepared a banquet which was so stupendously amazing that he was offered a job for life, along with all of his descendants. Let us eat before the meal gets cold. Then I have an offer for you!” We ate without speaking.

“The meal was amazing. I have never enjoyed food this much before.” I told the cook. “I am happy to have given your tongue such enjoyment Puissantius.” He replied. “As you can see I am very busy here. It seems I hardly have time to get everything I need from the nearby farms and shops. Usually I can grab a passerby who will assist me. And for a coin or a favor most will go get me what I need.” “Well I guess I came by at just the right time today to offer my help.” I replied. “Indeed you did Puissantius. And for that I am most grateful. Talking with you this morning made me remember the banquet Frannizard prepared many decades ago. And I am thinking maybe, with your help I could recreate one as amazing.” Well Cook, I would like to help. I too am grateful for this meal. It was certainly delicious. But I need to make some money. I had planned on doing just that today.”  I replied. I could see from the look on Cooks face he was thinking. He placed his fingers on his handlebar mustache, giving them a twist. “I tell you this, Puissantius. If you agree to help me, get everything I need, and assist me in my recreation I will reward you.” He replied. “Okay Cook. What do you have in mind? What’s in it for me?” “I will give you 500 gold coins. Give you access to my kitchen, my royal stove and two valuable keys!” I nearly fell out of my chair. “That is a lot of money! And I could use a stove and oven to cook. A fire does not cook food evenly. What are the keys for?” I exclaimed. “In the city of Varrock there is a Treasure Hunter. She will exchange the keys for things quite valuable. What say you? Will you assist me?” He replied with a look of excitement. “YES! I will help you.” I told him. “Most excellent!”  He stated. “Let me write you a list and directions on your map. I will teach you also, once we begin, how to prepare a banquet fit for a Duke.”

“Okay Puissantius, here is the list of the things we shall need. Let me hold your map and I will mark the locations of where you will get things from the list.” The Cook stated. I handed him my map, and took the list he wrote on the parchment paper.

  • ONE SUPER LARGE EGG: See farmer Fred and tell him it must be exactly big.
  • EXTRA-FINE FLOUR: Get wheat from the field and take it to Millie Miller.
  • TOP QUALITY MILK: See Gillie Groats at the cow field.

“Alright I have marked the places on your map where I think you will get everything we need. Take a clay pot with you and get a clean bucket from the basement. You can kill a few chickens while at farmer Fred’s farm. You may want to get yourself some fresh eggs there too. If you can, take some extra wheat from the field. You can make some flour for yourself to use later in making bread. Also ask Miss Groats at the cow field if you can come back later and get some meat. She usually has some extra cows you can cull. I am excited Puissantius! Hurry back. Oh, don’t forget to take this slop for that little pig in the courtyard.” The cook said with such excitement. “I will be back very soon.” I replied.

I got everything in my backpack and left out from the castle. I found the pig and put the bucket of slop down near him. He was so very excited! He kept saying; “One day I will be bacon.” Which I find a little weird. Maybe he doesn’t know that to be bacon you have to be killed and cut into pieces. Oh well. Not my worry. I looked on my map and could see where the Cook had marked the locations. Everything was north of here, so I made my way in that direction.

Along the way there was a guard standing near the bridge. He had a beautiful dog sitting next to him. Across the river the Goblins were engaged in some informal combat with a few people. I could see someone was fishing on the river. There was a farming patch along the way. A leprechaun was dancing around nearby. I had never seen one before in real life. But he surly looked like the pictures in books I had read. There was an ore smelter a bit further up the road. Across from it was what looked like a training area for combat? Next to it was a fence that kept sheep. I could see someone was busy shearing one. I stopped to look at my map. But I realized I did not need to because I heard a cock crow just around the bend.

When I got to Fred’s farm I told him I needed to get a SUPER LARGE EGG for the Lumbridge Cook. He told me I could go inside the gate, but I would have to wait until a chicken dropped one of the size I needed. I could see a few hens laying in the coop. But none had eggs large enough. I took about a dozen for myself, placing them in my pack. Not far away there was a large number of chickens walking about. Farmer Fred called to me and said; “You can kill any of those old hens over there. Just do not kill my rooster!” “Okay. Thanks.” I replied. I took my bronze dagger out and went to get a bird. “Ouch!” I cried. “That chicken jumped up and attacked me. Oh my god! Help!” The chicken kept pecking my legs and flying around my head. I tried to run but came to the fence. In an outburst of defense I swung my dagger out to the chicken, finally killing it. I could hear people laughing near the gate. Farmer Fred was the one laughing the loudest. “Hail to the newcomer. Slayer of chickens!” He shouted. Only making the crowd laugh more. “Welcome to Gielinor adventurer. Things are not always as defenseless as they seem. Take your bird. And I see one of my prized fighting hens has laid the egg you came here to seek.” He shouted again. I picked my kill up, seeing I had more than a few wounds from the fight. I wrapped the Super Large Egg in cloth and placed it in the security of my pack. I exited from the gate, if I had a tail I am sure it was tucked between my legs.


Just to the north-west I could see a field of wheat growing. I went to the fence and climbed over the stile and gather a few handfuls of grain. I got some extra for myself then climbed back over onto the road. I could hear, then see, the windmill as it turned against the wind. I walked to the door, opened it and went inside. There was a nice looking woman working at adjusting the stones above the trough where the flour falls. “Hello my lady. I am Puissantius. The Lumbridge Cook sent me here. I am looking for Millie Miller.” I stated. “Well hello to you Puissantius. I am Millie. What does the Chef seek today from my mill?” She replied. “Millie I need some extra fine flour. The Cook needs it in preparing a splendid banquet.” I explained. “You have arrived at just the right time. Give me a few minutes while I finish adjusting these stones. You do have an empty pot for the flour yes?” “I do have a pot. But I am not sure how to get the flour.” I replied. “No worries. Climb up the ladder over there to the top level and add your wheat into the bin. Pull the lever when I tell you. Then go to the middle level and pull the lever there. Once you have done this come back down here and scoop the flour into your pot. It really is quite easy.”


I followed Millie’s instructions and went to the top level. When she called to me I pulled the lever. I heard the gears engage the spinning shaft and transfer wind power to the bin allowing the grain to fall into the chute below. It removed the grains from the hull. I climbed down to the second level and pulled the levers again causing the chute to open, engaging the gears and turning the stone wheels below. I climbed down to the ground floor room below and saw a very nice pile of very fine flour. “Okay Puissantius you have milled your first pot of flour. Come back anytime when you need to use my mill again. Oh, and would you bring me some of that marvelous pie the cook bakes? Apple is my favorite.” Millie asked. “I will indeed Millie. I may even bring you some of the meal I am about to assist the cook in making.” I replied. “That would be delightful and kind of you Puissantius.” Millie stated as she walked toward the back of the mill.

I exited out of the mill, looking at the list of things to get. I got my map out and could see I needed to walk east, across a bridge then north to the cow field. Along the way there was a covered bridge crossing over the Lum River. There were some ducks swimming in the water. Just on the other side of the bridge was an ugly looking goblin walking about. I at first pulled my dagger out, then on second thought the bronze axe from my pack. If the goblin is going to attack me I will make sure he will not get close. As I crossed over the bridge he seemed to be walking toward a small stall where a vendor had some wares for sale. I had no choice then but to walk past him because it was along the path. He looked at me and said; “Big high war god, Bandos is my leader.” And the merchant looked at me shaking his head. “That is about all he ever says adventure. He’s quite harmless. Can I show you my wares, do you have time?” He asked. “Not now my good sir. I have no coin to spend. But after I am finished in this quest maybe I can come back.” I replied. “That would be nice.” He stated. “This road leads to Varrock and most people do come back. Have a pleasant day.” He turned his attention to his cart as I walked away. The cows were all doing what cows do best, eating grass. I could see a fair maiden near two cows that were tied to stakes. She had a dark clothes covering her shoulder to foot. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a very long colorful skirt and gloves. I opened the gate, closing it behind me, entering the field. As I walked near her she turned and faced me. She had two buckets of milk hanging from a pole across her shoulders.


“Hi! I am Gillie Groats the milk maiden. Are you here to get some milk?” She questioned. “Hello Gillie, I am Puissantius of Kandarin. Indeed I am here for milk. But not just any milk. The Cook of Lumbridge has sent me to get some top-quality milk. He needs it to prepare a banquet fit for the Duke. Do you have any?” I replied. “Yes Puissantius I have exactly the milk you need. My husband has taken all the regular milk to market. Let me get a bucket. My prized cow has the finest milk in all of Gielinor.” She replied as she turned and walked over toward the fence. “I have a bucket, here.” Saying as I got mine from my pack. She giggled, and laughed a bit. “Oh no Puissantius, not a bucket from that damp wet cellar of the castle. You must put quality milk in a bucket that is completely clean. I’ll trade you okay?” She responded. “Okay I guess. I never gave it much thought.” I acknowledged. She sat on a little stool and milked the cow with precision and skill unlike anything I have ever seen. She would look toward me and smile every once and a while. I tried to smile back while at the same time trying not to let her notice I was looking at her. When she filled the bucket she handed it to me. “Hum, how much do I owe you?” I said. She smiled and said; “Not a single coin will you pay. You will be back, I can tell. Maybe if I am lucky you will think of me and bring me a small gift. I like flowers.” I think I was blushing, maybe more than usual. “I would be honored to again return and bring you the loveliest flower I can buy Gillie.” I replied. “I don’t want you to buy me flowers Puissantius. I want one that you picked or grew, one that made you think of me.” She insisted.” “Certainly I will Gillie. But it will be hard to find a flower of such beauty as you. And when I find the flower that reminds me of you I will return.” I replied. “I would like that.” Gillie said. “Now hurry along with the milk, it will spoil if you wait too long. See you again soon, I hope?” “Yes, I will be back soon. Thank-you for the milk… and bucket.” I walked away as quick as I could. Careful to not spill a single drop of the milk. What just happened here? I asked myself. I am sure I looked like a fool, old tattered clothes and all. She was probably being nice. That’s it. She is just nice to everyone.

Traveling back to Lumbridge with everything we needed for the banquet I took time during my walk to plan on my next adventure. I must find a tailor to make or buy some new clothes. These drab green tattered and stained ones I am wearing need to be replaced. I also need to mine some ore and practice smelting. I could smith some nice armor from the bars and if I can make enough, sell them for some good profit. Also if I had some decent armor and a sharp sword I could challenge somebody to a duel for a wager. Maybe even pay for some combat training. So many things going through my mind. With 500 gold coins I should be able to buy some nice clothes. Still I must think to save enough to buy a small house. Living on the streets it not the way I want to live for long.

With the items the Cook wanted in my hands and pack I entered into the kitchen. The Cook was very delighted to see me and like a child he opened and examined each carefully. “Perfect!” He declared. “This is everything! I shall at once begin to re-create the meal that brought our family to fame. Sit here at the table and watch me as I make this meal for our Duke. Everything I promised you is in the sack on the table.” Lumcook beamed. I watched as the cook went to work duplicating the divine creation. I counted my coins. Five-hundred shiny gold pieces. A great step forward for me. Two dull keys. Well he said they were valuable. And a promise letter giving me the right to use his wonderful stove at any time. I guess this morning turned out to be a giant step forward from a small token in being helpful. I like my new home, it… “HEY! Pay attention here. I’m trying to teach you something about cooking.” The Cook screamed out to me. “Yes sir! I am your new assistant after all.”


Authors Post Note

The story is my own version of the RuneScape Quest – The Cooks Assistant.  Everything the cook needs, the people I had to visit and the basic storyline is what a player will experience.

New players will need to complete the quest in order to use the range in Lumbridge Castle. This quest is very short and easy. Completing this quest is a requirement before a player can begin the RuneScape 100th quest “Recipe For Disaster” which is a very long quest. One having 10 sub-quest  that range in difficulty from novice, master and elite.


Puissant Of Kandarin – Adventure In Lumbridge

Authors Foreword

As I continue my story I am reaching back nearly ten years trying to remember what it was like back then. A lot has changed since the early years of this game. Therefore, I am revisiting the places, characters and memories in a noob garb. The screenshots are from the in-game as it is now. Recently I read a post from a fellow blogger about how writing a story from a role playing game like this can help to improve your skills. You can read it HERE I am glad I started writing about my experience before this post, and perhaps others may look at this as a way to engage in a way I think can prove to be an interesting story. In addition to, I am passionate about my writing as well as my game. It has given me some goal oriented pleasure both in playing this game and in writing about it. I have once again embellished the characters to make them seem more realistic. However, one will only experience these in this story view. The NPC’s do not really interact with the player in this way. Mostly they give an options dialog for a player to choose. I made most of this up. Nevertheless, everything is based on actual role playing found in-game. There was a time when people asked me why I play RuneScape and some still do. My answer will always be the same, I enjoy it. It gives me something to write about. I have kept a journal of my “Adventures Of A Noob” since October 6, 2006 in both pictures and text. Therefore I can say I have been writing this story for nearly 10 years. I am staying with the First Person view. I think it is easier for me to write the story from my memoirs dialog. I always welcome comments and suggestions.


Book One – Chapter One – Part Three

Puissant Of Kandarin – Adventure In Lumbridge

  After Hans departed to continue his rounds patrolling the Lumbridge Castle grounds I decided to gather some food. I exited the castle walls and headed north toward the general store. The merchant was very helpful, just as Hans said he would be, and gave me a map of Gielinor, a hammer, a bronze knife, new might I add, and a tinder box. The general store had many items for sale, anything from clay pots to wooden buckets, knifes and cake tins. The shop assistant informed me they also will buy some items. So I sold the old dull knife I found for one gold coin.



Next I visited the Fishing Store and the kind man, Hank, gave me a small fishing net. He told me it was perfect for catching shrimp! To my surprise he also handed me a small cage for catching crawfish. The man advised me to try the small pond just to the northwest to catch some delicious tasting crawdads. Hank had an eye-patch over his right eye, and a bandana on his head. His mustache and beard tapered to a point, was dark and well kept.  He was wearing a two-toned grey shirt and brown pants with a shop keepers white apron. He looked very much like a pirate!



I needed to make a fire to cook my catch. It would provide for some warmth during the cold nights too. I headed back east then south toward where Hans said Bob’s Axes shop would be. I went inside of the home. The man inside was dark skinned with short curly black hair. He appeared to be from the region of desert dwellers I had heard about. He wore the traditional blacksmith clothing and apron. Bob greeted me with such cheerful enthusiasm. “Hello adventurer! Welcome to Bob’s Axes and repairs. I am Bob, owner of this fine establishment. I make the best axes in all of Gielinor. My wood-cutting axe are forged from the finest materials available. I select the most desired wood for my custom built handles and each head I personally smith myself. I have everything from bronze, steel, Mithril, and even Runite. I also have pick-ax for sale. Would you like to have a look at my inventory?” “Hello Bob!” I said, “I am Puissantius, a newcomer to Lumbridge. Hans told me you could help me to get a bronze axe.” “Ah yes Puissantius indeed I can. Hans is a fine chap. He serves the Duke, been here forever too. As a service to our new arrivals, the Duke has made one of my bronze beauties available to you for free. Merchants like I wish to help you to become honest citizens. We do not take a liking to thieves. Therefore we encourage all new arrivals to make an honest living. I can even offer to give you some work. Other merchants here will also have something for you to do. Everyone needs a few coins. Here take this bronze axe as a gift. Also let me give you one of my bronze pick-ax, it is new, much better than that old used one Hans told you he left up on the watchtower. ” “Thanks Bob! This is a well-made axe. I have never seen such fine craftsmanship! It is well balanced and sharp as a tack.” I said. “Thank-you Puissantius. I am glad you can see and appreciate my work. Once you have gained some experience using this bronze axe, or it becomes dull, come back and see me. Maybe by then you will want to upgrade to something better. Mithril axes are far better. And my prices are very affordable too. You can even use these as a weapon in a pinch. Also, remember that I can repair armor once you have some.” “Okay Bob. Thanks for the axe. I will be back soon. But right now I am really hungry, and it is getting late in the day. I hope to catch some fish for supper and make a fire before dark. I will be on my way now. Thanks again.” “You are welcome adventurer. Be safe and come back again.” Bob said.


I left Bobs house and headed south toward the fishing area. There was a wall at the end of the road. The only way around was through the graveyard behind the church. It was a little bit spooky walking past the gravestones. There was an old iron fence around the yard. I saw many very old weathered headstones as I walked through. Above me ravens flew in endless circles There was a woman standing near what appeared to be a tomb. I thought I saw a ghost standing near the river. That made me pick up my pace to a run. To the far southeast of the cemetery was a partly opened coffin. I thought I saw something moving inside so I ran as fast as I could away and out of the exit.

Whoa! I could see some very large rats walking in the foggy swamp to the west. I remembered Hans telling me to stay close to the river. These rats had some very large teeth! I am sure they would rip a man apart in an instant. I am glad I have this axe.

In the distance I could see a man standing near a small point. He was wearing all blue. A coat that had many pocket, like an experienced fisherman would have. A brown hat with a feather, much worn looking like it has seen many days at sea. He was shouldering one of the finest rod and reel fishing poles I had ever seen. His beard and mustache had a seemingly French look about it. Perhaps more of a three musketeers look.


He started casting his net out into the water, drawing it back in with expert skill. I hope I can learn to cast my net with such skill as his. Once I got to the area he greeted me. “Hey how are you today?” He said. “I am fine.” I replied. “How are you?” “I am doing great. Well not great.” I said. “I arrived earlier today and found myself with very little equipment to survive. But good fortune came my way and some people here in Lumbridge have been most helpful. I hope I can cast this net and maybe catch a few shrimp to fill my hunger.” The man laughed and held his belly. “Well lad you have come to the right place. This is a fine place to catch shrimp. Anchovy are also pretty abundant here too. I happen to be a teacher of the fishing skill. And I hold a competition I call ‘Fish Flingers’ where one can compete against other people for some great prizes. Here watch me and see if you can cast your net like I do. First you need to look at the water. This is very important. Look for swirls in the tide. That is where the little scoundrels school. Next cast your net out, and over the area. Make sure it opens as you cast it outward. Aim for an area just above where the shrimp are swimming. As the net falls into the water, let it sink. Then pull the string back toward you and capture the shrimps. Keep doing this until you have some in the net. It may take a few cast, maybe many. But if you are patient you will have dinner soon.”

I watched him cast his net and draw it back a few times. It did not take long and he had a nice bounty of large tasty looking shrimp. “Okay.” He said. “You give it a try. Look over there I see a few nice swirls.” I cast my net out. It just stayed in a bundle and sadly fell on nothing. I cast it again, and again. The more times I tried the better the net spun and opened. All at once my net opened and fell like I was an expert. As I pulled the string and began to draw it in it felt heavy. Pulling it onto the shore I could see a few dozen nice large shrimp inside. “Excellent work!” The man said. “Looks like you have a nice bundle for dinner.” Have you ever cooked shrimp before?” “Well not really.” I said. “My Mum always cooked at home.” “Well then it is very likely you will burn some of these. Try and catch a few more net-full before you head home for the night, just in case. You can always sell any left-over shrimp you do not eat. The bank also can store them if you like. ”Okay, thank-you sir.” I cast my net out for a while longer and caught many more shrimp. The night was only an hour or so away. So I decided I should head back to the safety of the castle.

2016-02-06 (8)

To the south I could hear the sounds of pick-ax on stone. That must be the mine that Hans had told me about. Maybe tomorrow I can try my hand at mining. Learning to smith some ore into useful items would be a great skill I should practice. I left and headed back toward the castle. There was a few swamp trees along the way. I got out my shiny and sharp bronze axe Bob gave me and chopped a nice bundle of logs.

2016-02-06 (11)

Between my bounty of shrimp, the newly acquired tools and the logs, I was a little bit burdened. I know I will need to become more agile if I am to carry a lot of items. It seems the more I learn the more I need to learn and work on. I guess that is a part of growing. Becoming a better and stronger person, mentally, physically and morally. These seem like some great goals. I scurried past the giant rats. They seemed a little bit bigger than when I saw them earlier. Maybe they ate someone! I hope not. Drawing closer to the cemetery I picked up my pace. And darted through not even looking at the lady who was still standing near the crypt.


Once I was within the safety of the Lumbridge castle walls I got out my tinderbox and preceded to light a fire. It took me several tries, but I eventually got some tinder burning. I added some wood from the trees I cut earlier. Once I had a good blaze going I added some timbers and finally had some good coals to cook with. In my hunger, I burned quite a few shrimp before I finally got the hang of time and temperature. I am glad the man advised me to get many. I was so hungry I cooked and ate every one of my shrimp. It tasted so good! I am excited to catch some more. I want to try and get some chicken tomorrow. That would be so tasty. I really want to learn how to cook so many different foods. Pies! Yes I will have to learn how to make these. Yummy cakes to.

2016-02-06 (14)

I took a good long drink from the fountain. I was very satisfied. My stomach was full and I was tired from the long day. Today was a great day. I met some nice people. I learned how to care for myself. I miss my mum. A man can really appreciate his mother. She did a great job in teaching me to be a loving and kind man. My father too, I miss him. He hardened me and taught me how to hunt and build things from wood. He was loving too. I miss my family. One day I will return to see them. But now, for now, I have to follow the path the gods have set me on. I added enough wood to the fire so it would burn through most of the night. I laid near the warmth of the flames. Closing my eyes… drifting off to sleep.


Authors Post Note

I am not sure if including images (screenshots) in a story is a good idea. It does give the reader a better visual of the story. I have read many great books that paint the story in words.

Puissant Of Kandarin In Lumbridge

North of Lumbridge


Authors Foreword
I am working out in my mind the different ways to present this story “Puissant Of Kandarin” and in the first flavor I went with the “he” persona in third person. In Book One Chapter One Part Two “Puissant Of Kandarin In Lumbridge” I went with the “I” persona in first person. I wanted to entertain the first person view somewhat more in line of a memoir. This story is based on an extension of me. I am thinkin It seems I can give the reader a better view of where we are going when I add more feeling. I do feel what is happening to my character in-game. Dying is really frustrating. There was one quest I did (I will write about at a later chapter) where I was so very sad that the NPC I was trying to help died. I have to admit I did get a little teary eyed at the part of the quest. 😦

Comments and any criticisms are wanted. Please feel free to express any.

Book One – Chapter One – Part Two


Puissantius took a drink from the fountain. He had nothing but the clothes on his back and the ten gold coins in the bank. With only some small morsels of food he may starve soon. The small bronze knife he concealed in his belt was of little value. It wasn’t really sharp enough to cause much harm. He could go to the river and maybe catch a tiny fish with his bare hands to eat. But seeing those green skinned goblins marching about quickly took that thought away. They probably would eat him! And besides there is usually a snake hiding in the grass waiting to bite anything that walked near it. He remembered seeing a giant spider near the bridge. He knew darkness was only hours away and he didn’t even have a way to make a fire and much less wood to burn. He longed to go home but he had not a clue where that was from here. Even if he did know where home was there was no way he could swim across the sea. Even if he could swim he probably would be gobbled up by some horror from the deep. Or pirates would enslave him and feed him to some parrot or worse eat him themselves. Things were looking very grim. He was lost and left it seems to die in a beautiful city. Maybe he could just beg some food or find a job nearby. But he did not know anyone here to even ask for work.

Looking around the area as he stood alone behind the shadows of the cold blue-grey wall, he could hear footsteps. There was a man who was walking from the west, coming from the rear of the castle. As he drew closer I walked up near him. He was wearing stylish clothing of earthy tones. His pants were a blue-grey with some brown patches, cut in a form fitting style. His coat was a reddish-brown and black almost a checkerboard pattern. The lapels were turned outward from the collar and the lining was a light tan. He wore collar length hair, dark brown and parted in the middle. His shirt was a light and medium grey pattern cut in a V-neck. His coat and pants both were cuff, a light tan lining. He approached me.

Hans of Lumbridge


“Hello!” he said. “What are you doing here?” “I don’t know. I’m lost. Where am I?” I said. He replied; “Why you are in Lumbridge Castle! My name is Hans, I server Duke Horacio. Are you here to kill someone? Maybe you are looking for the person in-charge? That would be The Duke. I patrol the castle.” “No.” I said. “I am not here to kill anyone. And I already met ‘The Duke’. A strange one he is. I am Puissantius. You must be pretty old Hans? You look pretty wise.” Hans smiled. “I have been here since… always. I am the oldest member of our city. But I am not the oldest in Gielinor. Still I am of the human race, like you. I’ve heard about you. You are here to learn and perhaps save the worlds. And being a newcomer I can tell you your journey will not be an easy one. Nevertheless, you will have so many adventures and meet people of many races.



There are beast of great power and capable of destruction like you have never known. And people live here practicing dark magic and others only magic for good. In the beginning the gods who first created these worlds struggled with roles of power. To the far north is an area known as the wilderness. It was there that the ascended gods fought in a Great War, attempting to control the balances of the universe. The area was left in ruins and the entire region is desolate. A large crater is there and a great volcano. I warn you to not go there unless you are prepared to die. Many adventures can be found in the area. They will attempt to kill you and take anything you have on your person. There is also many dangerous beast whose magical abilities are more than you can imagine. You will find a small wall around the entire region. Look around before climbing walls, there are signs posted warning if you cross over death will soon find you. But as you probably already have been told, you are of an immortal linage, and if you die you will be teleported back here, minus anything you carry.” I could hardly think of what to say next after hearing all that. Words eluded my tongue. So I just blabbed out; “This is a beautiful city. Seems like a nice place to call home.”

You do have a bank account, right?” “Yes.” I said. “Sir Isaac helped me to open an account. He also introduced me to The Duke. But when I followed him down here to this fountain he said a short farewell. I saw him pull a small tablet out from his backpack, and when he threw it down on the ground, something swirled around him and he just vanished!” Hans smiled and then laughed. He used a teleportation tablet. There is no telling where it took him, only he knew where he was going next. These tablets are created from soft clay and runes. Someone who is proficient in magic can create different ones on a lectern in their home. “What is your name?” he said. “I said I am Puissantius. I was brought here from Ashdale. That is where I grew up. But I am told I was born in…” Hans cut him off. “Puissant, I know all about you, where you were born and what you are to become, to do here. I know you will in time find out everything you want to know. But for now, let me help you to know a little more about where you are, after all, that was one of your questions. You are in the city of Lumbridge. It is called that because it is situated on the river Lum and there is a bridge that crosses the river leading here. Here is not everywhere and you can get anywhere without crossing the bridge. We are in the providence of Misthalin which joins with Asgarnia. A map will help you to find your way around.

Go outside these castle walls and turn left, which is north. Follow the road a little ways and you will see a general store to your left. Go inside and ask the merchant for a map. Also ask for a tinderbox. These are free of charge. Next go back south, the way you came, pass the entrance to this castle, a bit further you will see a sign on a house, ‘Bob’s Axes’. Go inside and talk with Bob. He will give you a bronze axe for wood cutting. Then come back to this castle, go up in the watch tower to the north. At the top level you will find a bronze pick-axe. It is yours for the taking. These are some basic tools you will need to survive. Since you do not have a home, or a place to sleep, you can stay in the safety of these walls.” “Okay, wow thanks Hans you have been very helpful!”

Hans smiled a sheepish grin and said; “Now let me give you some advice. Since you are a newcomer, you should study the map. It will give you some sense of direction. To the north is where all trading is done. It is known as the ‘Grand Exchange’ and there is where you can buy and sell anything deemed tradable by the kingdoms. I’m sure you will need to make some money. With the wood cutting axe you can gather logs. Many people buy these for obvious reasons. Also, you can use the pickaxe to mine ores. People buy this as well. But I must warn you that the road to the city of Varrock, where the buyers and seller are, is dangerous. Highwaymen are always looking to steal. I suggest you bank your goods here, then once you get there you can withdraw these from a banker there.”   “Okay.” I said. “But what will I eat? I am rather hungry right now.” “Well let me continue Puissant. You may have noticed the fields nearby. To the north is a farmer who has more chickens than he will ever need. You can kill a chicken. The cook in the castle can teach you a lot about cooking. But he will only let you use his range after to do some favors for him. As always though, you can cook it on a fire. But you may burn it and not get anything useful. So you may want to kill a few birds just in case. Also, keep the feathers. These are useful for fletching arrows, fly fishing and other things. Be sure you bury any bones you have. The gods grant favor to you when you offer them in prayer. There is a wheat field to the north. The owner will let you mill the grain into flour, but once again for a favor. You can then get water from a fountain and make bread. You can’t cook bread on a fire. Baking bread requires a range. There is a man who has a house at the south end of the city with a range inside. He is a cook and will let you use it. Still you need to talk with the castle cook, he is a guild member and once you enlist his help you can gain access to better utensils. A pot and bucket can be bought at the general store. You will need a pot to store flour in and a bucket can hold both water and milk. Sometimes you may even find these laying around.” “Okay that is very helpful knowledge to know.” I said.

“Also Puissant, you can get a free net from the fishing store, and a fishing pole. They also sell bait. It is located west of the general store, across from Explorer Jacks house. Jack always needs someone to explore something for him. He pays fairly well. Follow the road south along the River Lum. You will find a good place to catch shrimp and anchovies. A bit further south there is a place where you can mine copper and tin. I am sure the tutors in Ashdale taught you how to smelt both into bronze. I would suggest you eat what you need to be healthy, and sell the rest. Make useful items like weapons and armor from the bronze and sell the extra bronze bars or ores. Acquiring gold, that would be something you must pursue. With wealth comes power! And you can buy much needed items, like a house. An estate agent will sell you a parcel of land and a basic home. Refer to your map to locate one.”

“There are many shop owners and citizens who will have task for you. Some pay in gold where others may trade or barter. Become friends with everyone you meet. Though some friends are not what they seem on the surface. Be wary but open. There is a sage on the street outside the castle. Ask him for information, he is very knowledgeable. There is a church outside too. It has been the place of Saradominist worshipers for more than 230 years. Father Aereck is the priest and caretaker of the church. He is a devoted follower of the god Saradomin. There is an altar inside should you need to pray.” “Yes I know Saradomin! He came to me many times before, since I was a child. He is the one who told me I will one day have a great task in life. I serve him! He has kept me from many disastrous endings thus far.” “Well praise Saradomin!” Hans said. But as you know there are many gods in Gielinor. You may find there will be times when you will have to serve others. This will be the only way you can ever understand the universes.” “Saradomin is the god of shiny light. The blue giant. The god of order and wisdom.” I said. “Yes, that is true Puissant. He is the founder of the Temple Knights, the highly secretive, and military espionage order that Sir Isaac belongs to.” “What?!” I said. “You mean to tell me that somehow I was brought here by the Temple Knights? Saradomin came to me prior to me being shackled and chain like some criminal. He told me he had chosen me to be a part of some great beginning, to an end.” “Puissantius that is why you must learn more about all things. It is told that Saradomin is the one who commands and gives the orders to the Temple Knights. I heard that Sir Vey Lance, of Falador, the second in command, after Saradomin himself, gets his orders directly from Saradomin. You know all the gods are also of the human race, right?” “Yes of course.” I said. “We are all created in the image of god. Guthix is the one true God. The God of balance. Guthix created Teragard, his home and there he created humans and the lesser gods.” “Well I am glad you have studied well Puissant.” Hans said. “Guthix then formed Gielinor, this world, and through the ‘World Gate’ he brought peaceful races here. A world free of gods. He along with the seven Megastars rule all of Teragard. He, in his human form wanted this to be a peaceful world. That was the first age.” “How interesting.’ I said. “I love lore and the histories. I wonder how Saradomin, Zamorac, Armadyl and Bandos got here if this was a place without gods.” “Hans grinned then a big smile. He said, “The Elder Gods are so ancient the even Guthix says he cannot remember when they first appeared. Guthix is an ascended god. The Elder Gods were here long before anything. They are the ones who created everything from worlds to life itself. They are said to be the creations, the four of them, of the living God. You indeed have much to learn Puissantius. I don’t know everything, and yes I am very old. Still the universe is alive with mysteries and magic and realms not even me or the ‘Wise Old Man’ of Draynor knows.”



“I must be off soon. I have to patrol these grounds as my duke has commanded. Before I go, I’ll share some final knowledge. Come see me again in five years and I will impart for you a gift. To the south lies a great swamp. There are giant rats who live there. You should stay away from there until the time when you are ready. To the east, across the arch bridge, and to the west behind the castle are goblins. They love to fight. You can train your combat abilities on them. I would not suggest you camp in either of these areas, at least not yet. In the Far East are vampires and ghost. In the far west are elves. In the far North West there be penguins, icy and cold. Trolls inherit the region. They are a nasty and dumb bunch. Not as dumb as goblins though. Stay out of the wilderness. You will encounter many other races in Gielinor. The moon that circles us above is the place known a Zanarus. Even the cows talk there. There are many gods in this world. You will find travel to other worlds that have other gods. There are portals found around the lands that take you to other hidden places. Underground, even below you now, there are dungeons. Always have a light source if you decide to climb down a ladder. There are horrors beneath that will eat the very flesh off your bones. One final word. RUN! If you find yourself being overcome by an enemy. Run away fast. Good-bye for now and good luck.” “Good-bye Hans. Thanks for everything you told me. I’ll be back one day.” Hans walked south and around the corner of the castle. OH, I am hungry. I guess I should go and start my adventure he thought. Walking though the gateway and up the cobblestone street as the morning became afternoon, soon to become his first night alone… In Gielinor.

lumbridge sage
Lumbridge Sage
Map of Gielinor

Authors Post Note

In the early days of RuneScape, after character creation, players went first to Tutorial Island where they learn the basic mode of play. Things like how to move, perform skills, banking and other related procedures were “taught” on the island after you made your character. Once you completed this you were then moved to the in-game starting point in the city of Lumbridge. You were free to go anywhere after this. With the release of RuneScape 3, the current version of the game a new island was introduced; Ashdale. Ashdale provides the same function as the old Tutorial Island.

The NPC (non-player-character) Hans that is the focus of this part in story is an actual in-game character. But Hans in reality only has 4 options that he will talk with you. The entire conversation is fictional but it is based on facts. As I mentioned before RuneScape has an amazing, long storyline. I wanted to give the reader a more personal view of Puissantius, one that only a player could see in-game. But again each person experiences this game in a different perspective. I might add that in-game you are not alone. There could be anywhere from a few to thousands of other player around you at any given time. Usually there are 60-90 thousand players in-game at any given time. One is able to chat with other players, trade, challenge in combat, (only in specified areas) follow, help and many other interactive things.



Puissant Of Kandarin


Puissant Of Kandarin

By Wade Lancaster


Authors’ Foreword

This is the story of Puissant One. A character created within the online game Runescape, by the Gower Brothers, Andrew, Ian and Paul now known as Jagex. Puissant One was created on 6, October 2006 and is found publically as “Adventures of a Noob.” Though the character himself is a real played avatar this story is both factual and fictional. The cities, area, events and non-player characters (NPC) are found in-game and many sites contain complete information. This story is not endorsed by or officially Jagex. It is an account of the authors experience while playing the game. The skills, quest and items are part of the game experience. The story line is and account of this players direction of play. Other persons may see it differently. Many of the stories (quest) have a certain outcome. However, many things are random for different players depending on the direction chosen. Runescape is a FREE MMORPG but also has member privileges. Puissant One is based on a paid subscription.


Book One – Chapter One – Part One

 The Awakening

Wake up Puissantius! Why are you shaking? Wake up. We are arriving at port in a few minutes, hurry and gather your things.” Sir Isaac screams out at him. The last thing he remembers; the sound of waves crashing against the wooden bow indicates we have left harbor. The ships gentle rocking with the waves is peaceful. Listening, he can hear the ship’s crew bustling about, the first mate calls out commands directing each member on the task at hand. He was still not sure why the emperor had ordered him taken, shackled like a common criminal, and thrown into the depths of this sailing ships hold. But he’s not alone, as there are others chained together with him. Most do not speak. Some cry while others just sleep. Sleep seems like a good way to pass the time, for he was told the journey will be long until reaching the land of his ancestors. He knows he has abilities and gifts superior to others. One of the gods visited with him many times during his childhood. Clamoring to his feet he follows Sir Isaacs’s orders.


As he climbed the old oak ladder, imagining how many souls have stepped on these rungs, thinking what sights did they see once they were deck side? As he rose through the hatch, the ship was only a few thousand feet from the port. As they slowly sailed up the river Lum toward the dock he could see the city emerging through the fog. Seeing the beautiful city filled with kindness, peace, and prosperity, he recalled the name Lumbridge. Puissantius learned all the basic skills taught by his tutors in the small village where he was raised . Fire making is the most basic of skills. With fire one can burn logs, cook foods, and smelt metals. He is here to hone his skills and to learn many others. This much he knows from the day Sir Isaac came to his parents’ home with the warrant. His parents were not really his parents of birth. He was told this by the couple after his age of ascension. He was born in Kandarin on the hour of 11 at the 43rd minute of sunrise. This was the sixteenth day of our new season. The year was 169 in the fifth age. So when you ask me when I was born I can tell you this in truth. It really means nothing for you. My origin, how I learned to measure time, everything about me… before I came to your world… is mysterious for your mind. These words have stuck in his head since the day our emperor summoned him to the imperial kingdom. And now he was here, to begin the training that will either destroy or create. In a place where the god wars left an entire region barren. Where knights of white and black armor compete to win a war. One where a balance only can exist in a juxtaposition of green and blue tears.  Happiness abounds. And glorious beings of light… the light that shines in us all glistens. We are the dust of stars, rare to behold. Even rarer is true love. He thinks of her…  He remembers how beautiful the rare love they once shared was. About the way best friends laughed and talk. It was once the grandest time in their lives. Amazing memories, shared as one… until the shallow pan destroyed everything. “Hey you! Give me a hand with this rope!” a deck hand shouts out to him. He grabs hold of the ropes end, lashing it to the bollard. In one quick motion lashes the hawser, through the hawser hole on the dock. Several men assist with the final tug to fasten the sailing vessel to rest.

lune castle

Grabbing all his belongings and gear he walks the plank to the shore. He can smell the food being cooked in the nearby shops. And the smell of ash produced by coal from the burning fires of smelters for a blacksmith. The clang of hammers pounding against anvil producing weapons, nails and armor. Seagulls gather around on the docks. Each hoping for a small morsel as fishermen land nets from the seas harvest. The Town Crier calls the day’s most recent news. Nearby a bard sits upon a rock nestled under a grand oak tree. People gather around and find rest within the music of his lyre. In the distance, across an arch stone bridge he can see goblins marching around waiting for a challenge from new arrivals. There are fields of wheat, onion, cabbage and fences containing cattle, chickens and sheep. He can smell fear in the air, and this excites him. As he puts his belonging down on the street of cobblestone he finds a bronze dagger. Quickly he grabs it up and places it in the worn belt under his cloak. This could be useful or save his life against highwaymen. Soon he shall begin a sabbatical journey, one of leave from the providence he has known as home. The old wise man of his region told him one day of his birth. In as much his death. Yet he will not remain dead. As the gods have given him a gift of immortality. He has heard of the many creatures, races and beings of power fight for the favor of gods. Of strange creatures who hold keys and guard doors to other realms. Somehow he is the one who will decide. It seems such a cruel and meaningless place for a young man to be. He wanted only to live, marry and die as most folk. Still he hungers inside for more than simplicity. “Are you daydreaming again Puissantius.” Sir Isaac said. “Come, get you things and follow me. We must see the duke.” They walked through the opening in a tall and thick stone wall to where a fountain spilled water into a flower garden. As he passed through he heard the bells of a church ringing to his left. There was a graveyard to the rear of the cathedral. It was surrounded by an old iron fence with a gate. He thought it odd that this castle did not have a gate either. Only two large watchtowers on each side of the entrance. There are 9 cannons on top of the palace and you could hear the sounds of steel boots as they marched on the top level. Large yew doors as thick as the trees they were hewn from graced the opening leading into the castle. A large rat ran in circles near a spiral staircase. The rat was circling something on the floor. As they approached he could see it was round and shaped like a cookie that seemed to be emitting some power. He picked it up and saw it had the markings of the mind sign. This must be a Rune – a mind rune. He had basic training about these magical essence, when held near an altar containing peculiar qualities would absorb and retain magic. When used in combination with other runes the wielder could cast spells of great power. He places the object in his pack as they ascend the stairs. Looking back at the stair base the rune suddenly reappeared precisely where it was before. He felt his pack, the one he picked up was still there. They reached the second floor of the castle and he could hear the sound of a spinning wheel making wool. They walked past the room where there was someone making balls of string.  At the center of the hall they entered through a large oak door to where a man dressed in fine clothing stood. “Hello Duke Horatio!” said Sir Isaac. The duke turned and greeted us. “Hail Sir Isaac! What can I do for you today? Ah this must be the young lad Sir Tiffany wrote to me about. The gifted one! Nice to meet you lad. Now I am a busy man, busy indeed! I have a kingdom to run. Lumbridge has many needs. I have many things to do. Now hurry along. Come see me when you are ready to help me with this dragon. A nasty one he is. And these HAMs they too need to be dealt with. Oh and the cook. He needs help to. So much to do! Blessed be Saradomin.”

Sir Isaac turned and motions for me to follow him. Heading back to the staircase where they climbed to the third level. “Here is a bank. Talk with the person behind the counter. Here take these 10 coins and open an account. You can also store any items you do not want to carry with you or ones of value here.” Puissantius completes the bank transaction then walks into the hall where Sir Isaac was waiting. He turned and preceded down the stairs to the first floor and continued out into the courtyard by the fountain. “Okay Puissantius. I will depart now and leave you to your own doings. Learn as much as you can and make every attempt to earn money. At some point you will be called upon by people to perform duties. Be wary of your surroundings. Should you die… and you will… you will find yourself here near this fountain. Good luck. Praise Saradomin!” And he pulled a strange blue colored square tablet, threw it on the ground and vanished. “But wait!” Puissantius said. It was too late. Puissantius stood alone in the shadows of the blue-grey walls in the courtyard, beside the fountain.


Authors Post Notes

This is a first draft. I know it is poorly written, lacking many details. Details give the reader a clearer image of the area the writer is attempting to visualize. I wanted to see how the story looks in this WP Theme. The story (my story) in now in its ninth year. I imagine I could write many books about the character and the adventures he took along this journey. There was a book written a long time ago about the game. Runescape is a vast story in itself. As of today there are 220 quest and 27 skills. As of this writing I have only completed 175 quest, 5 in-progress and 40 not yet started. Of the skills I have only mastered five.  (Farming, Fletching, Cooking, Firemaking, Thieving) A player has mastered a skill once you reach level 99. At level 99 a player can purchase a Master Cape from the NPC who is that skills master for 100,000 coins. Once you have more than one 99 skill all master capes become “trimmed” indicating to other players in game you have more than one 99 skill. One will need to gain a total of 13, 034,431 XP (experience) in any skill to reach level 99 with the exception of Dungeoneering which tops out at 120. At level 120 a player will need 104 million XP. The total XP for any skill is 200 million XP. Currently I have 122,999,335 TOTAL XP distributed among all skills. But there is about 5,500,000,000 XP total for all skills combined.  My worldwide rank is 183,063 out of 245,153,000 accounts.

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