Home Is Where My Heart’s At

   I had to go out of town for a few days. Sometimes the corporate needs an immediate resolution to a problem. It took longer than I had anticipated. But I am once again home. Home is where my heart is. There is nothing better, for me, then to cook in my own kitchen. Eat from my own table, and sleep in my own bed. For years I traveled. Some years I only saw my home for 20 days. And even though I am single and have nobody to come home to there is nothing better than home.

I never hated the road. But you only hate the road when you are missing home. I missed WordPress. Not being able to follow and read all the interesting things everyone posted once again puts me behind. Still I hope to catch-up and keep up to speed again today.

Moving forward. Being in a big city, in the downtown of activity I remembered something from my days on the road…

Citidiots / Noun / Urban dwellers or commuters who drive like idiots. {a combined form of city and idiots}

I wonder why people drive automobiles, SUV’s mostly, in a way that puts other people at risk. How someone causes accidents, running other drivers off the road, weaving in and out of traffic and generally using the car as a weapon. How can texting, reading a book, a newspaper, laptop or tablet on the steering wheel be more important than being completely focused on safe driving. Some people are idiots! I could go on with the other things people do while at the wheel. Nevertheless, that two and a half ton SUV is a weapon and when you kill or hurt someone because of your ignorance I hope you rot in prison.

Since I am on a roll here, yes I am ranting, let me write about commercials. Since I was locked in a hotel after business hours I watched TV. There were some very disturbing commercials, probably written by citidiots.

Now lets face it, these people who are in control of media dictate what you get to see. They use music founded in violence, beating women and killing cops, stealing grand mom’s life savings to buy drugs and promote a lifestyle that is focused on eroticizing your kids. Sex sells every product. Athletes who beat women down in public places (behind closed doors too),  pedophiles, drunks and corporate criminals are made out to be some kind of heroes. There are so many TV shows and movies that say if you are not “this” you are nothing. How sad.

  • There is a wallet that is sexy. If you buy this wallet it will protect your credit cards, hold more than any other wallet ever made since time begin, and oh, it’s sexy. Really?
  • A Toyota Prius commercial features bank robbers. The robbers car is being towed as they leave the bank they just robbed. They STEAL a Prius, and use it as a getaway car. And because this Toyota can go so far, because it is a hybrid, the cops run out of gas and for days seemingly can not catch the criminals. Really?
  • A woman is talking to her phone. She explains to the “SMART” phone about how good her boy is. How smart he is. How much creativity he has, but his mind wanders. Some school official probably told her the kid needs drugs to be focused. The phone keeps telling her dumb responses to every question. Eventually she tells phone “why don’t you understand me?” The phone replies “I do, I am just trying to make you feel like an idiot because that is how you make you son feel.” Really?

This is only a few of the STUPID commercials I saw on TV.

The media only wants us to see what they believe we need. I am glad I have a mind of my own to decide what I need, what I want, what I believe. Sure I have a sociological imprint. We all do. But I never let it eroticize me, dictate who I am or what I must buy to fit in. Choice. We all have to choose.





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Wade Lancaster

I could tell you more about me. However, I think you will find us far more interesting, if we share more about ourselves. What do you say?

21 thoughts on “Home Is Where My Heart’s At”

    1. Thank-you Mirna! Changing… hmm like a different shirt. I always liked button up shirts. Guess I’ll be wearing that shirt with a few less buttons buttoned. Showing some chest hair maybe? LOL , JK
      Few a couple of years I was oppressed. Had to be careful what I liked, who I liked or what I wrote. I freed myself from that yoke last year.


  1. I am sure you understand why I avoid TV. I am also call time out on YouTube. You’re right though, the commercials are selling ordinary products but unless they sell and entertaining story, people won’t hang around long enough to decide if they want to buy it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I completely understand your point. Predators have gained control of media, needing to fill the greed of money. It sustains the “me” following that supports the hell with you factor. Anything to separate us from our money they will leverage.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is a very satisfying rant – well done! I am glad you are home, perhaps in your heart of hearts you are part Hobbit. I probably am, though I try to keep my toes shaved. The SUV thing kills me, especially those who drive even faster / more erratic during treacherous weather on my mountain roads here. That makes sense.

    As for the commercials, this is why I try to use my DVR for everything these days. Though of course things like travel would prohibit that. I am sure I’m usually sitting there with a flabbergasted look on my face, trying to figure out what actual product they’ve wasted all this money to not sell properly. I’m as lost as you are.

    But…you know, that was one sexy wallet. 😉

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    1. Thank-you Elizabeth your comment made me laugh! Never gave the Hobbit in me much thought. Looked at my door, it is the standard rectangular one, not round LOL.
      It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who noticed motorists as citidiots. People must slow down. There is nothing so important, somewhere to be that is worth killing.
      I thought about that wallet, hidden in my pocket, I guess it might be sexy, all alone in the darkness.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d love to have a round house! I was actually in one once and it would take a a bit to get used to.
        I imagine some day there will be little robo-cops to stop those people, but on the other hand, I don’t want to still be around for that!
        I bet it IS feeling very hot, there deep in your pocket. Thanks for that laugh. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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