A Controversial Poem

CONTROVERSIAL / Adjective / marked by or capable of arousing controversy

Contradictions Of Oath

Let us not have faith in any man lest he be deceived
where the power from oath is placed on the book sworn to believe
highest court, a just of nine cast out the ten commands
the book of swear the nine pledged so help me god in vain
where art thou judge before the book your oath did align
when country of a greedy man made you into swine
laws of man from country ran to found a better place
where freedom ring and  righteous sing by blood is built a place
yet by your oath on written book you sworn to uphold law
and by your word you desire to spawn a future wicked land
let us count the number written in the book that you nine took an oath
four hundred thirty five the congress of the land
one hundred twenty in court highest before man
one hundred senate much like Rome chosen by the states
one a commander who is chief chosen by the few
one who is a back-up plan in case the one is slain
and the nine who sit to decide the fate of many by their hand
and now we add the number and see the book of oath that all have took
is six-hundred and sixty six
but few have ever looked in the book where all placed the hand



Master Of Your Words

If you ever let your guard down evil will slip into your mouth and forever he will speak for you
Macro Photo of a Praying Mantis

When you Are Happy

When you are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God.
Because happiness makes you forget about sorrow.
And when we are happy and satisfied, our guard is lowered.
Soon excess and indulgence overwelm the mind.
As the soul weakens sadness grows.
The demon of sorrow gains power, like a god.
But when you are sad and lonely and filled with sorrow, then you remember about spiritual things and you cry out to God.
Asking for forgiveness and pleading for help to heal your unhappiness.
It is then you are reminded of the frail desires of being human.
A life of seeking balance and self love.
Love for life, peace and tranquility.
Let not evil prevail.
Or soon the axe will be cast upon your neck.
Unless you cast your sword to the neck of the enemy.