Puissant Of Kandarin – Adventure In Lumbridge

Authors Foreword

As I continue my story I am reaching back nearly ten years trying to remember what it was like back then. A lot has changed since the early years of this game. Therefore, I am revisiting the places, characters and memories in a noob garb. The screenshots are from the in-game as it is now. Recently I read a post from a fellow blogger about how writing a story from a role playing game like this can help to improve your skills. You can read it HERE I am glad I started writing about my experience before this post, and perhaps others may look at this as a way to engage in a way I think can prove to be an interesting story. In addition to, I am passionate about my writing as well as my game. It has given me some goal oriented pleasure both in playing this game and in writing about it. I have once again embellished the characters to make them seem more realistic. However, one will only experience these in this story view. The NPC’s do not really interact with the player in this way. Mostly they give an options dialog for a player to choose. I made most of this up. Nevertheless, everything is based on actual role playing found in-game. There was a time when people asked me why I play RuneScape and some still do. My answer will always be the same, I enjoy it. It gives me something to write about. I have kept a journal of my “Adventures Of A Noob” since October 6, 2006 in both pictures and text. Therefore I can say I have been writing this story for nearly 10 years. I am staying with the First Person view. I think it is easier for me to write the story from my memoirs dialog. I always welcome comments and suggestions.


Book One – Chapter One – Part Three

Puissant Of Kandarin – Adventure In Lumbridge

  After Hans departed to continue his rounds patrolling the Lumbridge Castle grounds I decided to gather some food. I exited the castle walls and headed north toward the general store. The merchant was very helpful, just as Hans said he would be, and gave me a map of Gielinor, a hammer, a bronze knife, new might I add, and a tinder box. The general store had many items for sale, anything from clay pots to wooden buckets, knifes and cake tins. The shop assistant informed me they also will buy some items. So I sold the old dull knife I found for one gold coin.



Next I visited the Fishing Store and the kind man, Hank, gave me a small fishing net. He told me it was perfect for catching shrimp! To my surprise he also handed me a small cage for catching crawfish. The man advised me to try the small pond just to the northwest to catch some delicious tasting crawdads. Hank had an eye-patch over his right eye, and a bandana on his head. His mustache and beard tapered to a point, was dark and well kept.  He was wearing a two-toned grey shirt and brown pants with a shop keepers white apron. He looked very much like a pirate!



I needed to make a fire to cook my catch. It would provide for some warmth during the cold nights too. I headed back east then south toward where Hans said Bob’s Axes shop would be. I went inside of the home. The man inside was dark skinned with short curly black hair. He appeared to be from the region of desert dwellers I had heard about. He wore the traditional blacksmith clothing and apron. Bob greeted me with such cheerful enthusiasm. “Hello adventurer! Welcome to Bob’s Axes and repairs. I am Bob, owner of this fine establishment. I make the best axes in all of Gielinor. My wood-cutting axe are forged from the finest materials available. I select the most desired wood for my custom built handles and each head I personally smith myself. I have everything from bronze, steel, Mithril, and even Runite. I also have pick-ax for sale. Would you like to have a look at my inventory?” “Hello Bob!” I said, “I am Puissantius, a newcomer to Lumbridge. Hans told me you could help me to get a bronze axe.” “Ah yes Puissantius indeed I can. Hans is a fine chap. He serves the Duke, been here forever too. As a service to our new arrivals, the Duke has made one of my bronze beauties available to you for free. Merchants like I wish to help you to become honest citizens. We do not take a liking to thieves. Therefore we encourage all new arrivals to make an honest living. I can even offer to give you some work. Other merchants here will also have something for you to do. Everyone needs a few coins. Here take this bronze axe as a gift. Also let me give you one of my bronze pick-ax, it is new, much better than that old used one Hans told you he left up on the watchtower. ” “Thanks Bob! This is a well-made axe. I have never seen such fine craftsmanship! It is well balanced and sharp as a tack.” I said. “Thank-you Puissantius. I am glad you can see and appreciate my work. Once you have gained some experience using this bronze axe, or it becomes dull, come back and see me. Maybe by then you will want to upgrade to something better. Mithril axes are far better. And my prices are very affordable too. You can even use these as a weapon in a pinch. Also, remember that I can repair armor once you have some.” “Okay Bob. Thanks for the axe. I will be back soon. But right now I am really hungry, and it is getting late in the day. I hope to catch some fish for supper and make a fire before dark. I will be on my way now. Thanks again.” “You are welcome adventurer. Be safe and come back again.” Bob said.


I left Bobs house and headed south toward the fishing area. There was a wall at the end of the road. The only way around was through the graveyard behind the church. It was a little bit spooky walking past the gravestones. There was an old iron fence around the yard. I saw many very old weathered headstones as I walked through. Above me ravens flew in endless circles There was a woman standing near what appeared to be a tomb. I thought I saw a ghost standing near the river. That made me pick up my pace to a run. To the far southeast of the cemetery was a partly opened coffin. I thought I saw something moving inside so I ran as fast as I could away and out of the exit.

Whoa! I could see some very large rats walking in the foggy swamp to the west. I remembered Hans telling me to stay close to the river. These rats had some very large teeth! I am sure they would rip a man apart in an instant. I am glad I have this axe.

In the distance I could see a man standing near a small point. He was wearing all blue. A coat that had many pocket, like an experienced fisherman would have. A brown hat with a feather, much worn looking like it has seen many days at sea. He was shouldering one of the finest rod and reel fishing poles I had ever seen. His beard and mustache had a seemingly French look about it. Perhaps more of a three musketeers look.


He started casting his net out into the water, drawing it back in with expert skill. I hope I can learn to cast my net with such skill as his. Once I got to the area he greeted me. “Hey how are you today?” He said. “I am fine.” I replied. “How are you?” “I am doing great. Well not great.” I said. “I arrived earlier today and found myself with very little equipment to survive. But good fortune came my way and some people here in Lumbridge have been most helpful. I hope I can cast this net and maybe catch a few shrimp to fill my hunger.” The man laughed and held his belly. “Well lad you have come to the right place. This is a fine place to catch shrimp. Anchovy are also pretty abundant here too. I happen to be a teacher of the fishing skill. And I hold a competition I call ‘Fish Flingers’ where one can compete against other people for some great prizes. Here watch me and see if you can cast your net like I do. First you need to look at the water. This is very important. Look for swirls in the tide. That is where the little scoundrels school. Next cast your net out, and over the area. Make sure it opens as you cast it outward. Aim for an area just above where the shrimp are swimming. As the net falls into the water, let it sink. Then pull the string back toward you and capture the shrimps. Keep doing this until you have some in the net. It may take a few cast, maybe many. But if you are patient you will have dinner soon.”

I watched him cast his net and draw it back a few times. It did not take long and he had a nice bounty of large tasty looking shrimp. “Okay.” He said. “You give it a try. Look over there I see a few nice swirls.” I cast my net out. It just stayed in a bundle and sadly fell on nothing. I cast it again, and again. The more times I tried the better the net spun and opened. All at once my net opened and fell like I was an expert. As I pulled the string and began to draw it in it felt heavy. Pulling it onto the shore I could see a few dozen nice large shrimp inside. “Excellent work!” The man said. “Looks like you have a nice bundle for dinner.” Have you ever cooked shrimp before?” “Well not really.” I said. “My Mum always cooked at home.” “Well then it is very likely you will burn some of these. Try and catch a few more net-full before you head home for the night, just in case. You can always sell any left-over shrimp you do not eat. The bank also can store them if you like. ”Okay, thank-you sir.” I cast my net out for a while longer and caught many more shrimp. The night was only an hour or so away. So I decided I should head back to the safety of the castle.

2016-02-06 (8)

To the south I could hear the sounds of pick-ax on stone. That must be the mine that Hans had told me about. Maybe tomorrow I can try my hand at mining. Learning to smith some ore into useful items would be a great skill I should practice. I left and headed back toward the castle. There was a few swamp trees along the way. I got out my shiny and sharp bronze axe Bob gave me and chopped a nice bundle of logs.

2016-02-06 (11)

Between my bounty of shrimp, the newly acquired tools and the logs, I was a little bit burdened. I know I will need to become more agile if I am to carry a lot of items. It seems the more I learn the more I need to learn and work on. I guess that is a part of growing. Becoming a better and stronger person, mentally, physically and morally. These seem like some great goals. I scurried past the giant rats. They seemed a little bit bigger than when I saw them earlier. Maybe they ate someone! I hope not. Drawing closer to the cemetery I picked up my pace. And darted through not even looking at the lady who was still standing near the crypt.


Once I was within the safety of the Lumbridge castle walls I got out my tinderbox and preceded to light a fire. It took me several tries, but I eventually got some tinder burning. I added some wood from the trees I cut earlier. Once I had a good blaze going I added some timbers and finally had some good coals to cook with. In my hunger, I burned quite a few shrimp before I finally got the hang of time and temperature. I am glad the man advised me to get many. I was so hungry I cooked and ate every one of my shrimp. It tasted so good! I am excited to catch some more. I want to try and get some chicken tomorrow. That would be so tasty. I really want to learn how to cook so many different foods. Pies! Yes I will have to learn how to make these. Yummy cakes to.

2016-02-06 (14)

I took a good long drink from the fountain. I was very satisfied. My stomach was full and I was tired from the long day. Today was a great day. I met some nice people. I learned how to care for myself. I miss my mum. A man can really appreciate his mother. She did a great job in teaching me to be a loving and kind man. My father too, I miss him. He hardened me and taught me how to hunt and build things from wood. He was loving too. I miss my family. One day I will return to see them. But now, for now, I have to follow the path the gods have set me on. I added enough wood to the fire so it would burn through most of the night. I laid near the warmth of the flames. Closing my eyes… drifting off to sleep.


Authors Post Note

I am not sure if including images (screenshots) in a story is a good idea. It does give the reader a better visual of the story. I have read many great books that paint the story in words.

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