Puissant Of Kandarin In Lumbridge

North of Lumbridge


Authors Foreword
I am working out in my mind the different ways to present this story “Puissant Of Kandarin” and in the first flavor I went with the “he” persona in third person. In Book One Chapter One Part Two “Puissant Of Kandarin In Lumbridge” I went with the “I” persona in first person. I wanted to entertain the first person view somewhat more in line of a memoir. This story is based on an extension of me. I am thinkin It seems I can give the reader a better view of where we are going when I add more feeling. I do feel what is happening to my character in-game. Dying is really frustrating. There was one quest I did (I will write about at a later chapter) where I was so very sad that the NPC I was trying to help died. I have to admit I did get a little teary eyed at the part of the quest. 😦

Comments and any criticisms are wanted. Please feel free to express any.

Book One – Chapter One – Part Two


Puissantius took a drink from the fountain. He had nothing but the clothes on his back and the ten gold coins in the bank. With only some small morsels of food he may starve soon. The small bronze knife he concealed in his belt was of little value. It wasn’t really sharp enough to cause much harm. He could go to the river and maybe catch a tiny fish with his bare hands to eat. But seeing those green skinned goblins marching about quickly took that thought away. They probably would eat him! And besides there is usually a snake hiding in the grass waiting to bite anything that walked near it. He remembered seeing a giant spider near the bridge. He knew darkness was only hours away and he didn’t even have a way to make a fire and much less wood to burn. He longed to go home but he had not a clue where that was from here. Even if he did know where home was there was no way he could swim across the sea. Even if he could swim he probably would be gobbled up by some horror from the deep. Or pirates would enslave him and feed him to some parrot or worse eat him themselves. Things were looking very grim. He was lost and left it seems to die in a beautiful city. Maybe he could just beg some food or find a job nearby. But he did not know anyone here to even ask for work.

Looking around the area as he stood alone behind the shadows of the cold blue-grey wall, he could hear footsteps. There was a man who was walking from the west, coming from the rear of the castle. As he drew closer I walked up near him. He was wearing stylish clothing of earthy tones. His pants were a blue-grey with some brown patches, cut in a form fitting style. His coat was a reddish-brown and black almost a checkerboard pattern. The lapels were turned outward from the collar and the lining was a light tan. He wore collar length hair, dark brown and parted in the middle. His shirt was a light and medium grey pattern cut in a V-neck. His coat and pants both were cuff, a light tan lining. He approached me.

Hans of Lumbridge


“Hello!” he said. “What are you doing here?” “I don’t know. I’m lost. Where am I?” I said. He replied; “Why you are in Lumbridge Castle! My name is Hans, I server Duke Horacio. Are you here to kill someone? Maybe you are looking for the person in-charge? That would be The Duke. I patrol the castle.” “No.” I said. “I am not here to kill anyone. And I already met ‘The Duke’. A strange one he is. I am Puissantius. You must be pretty old Hans? You look pretty wise.” Hans smiled. “I have been here since… always. I am the oldest member of our city. But I am not the oldest in Gielinor. Still I am of the human race, like you. I’ve heard about you. You are here to learn and perhaps save the worlds. And being a newcomer I can tell you your journey will not be an easy one. Nevertheless, you will have so many adventures and meet people of many races.



There are beast of great power and capable of destruction like you have never known. And people live here practicing dark magic and others only magic for good. In the beginning the gods who first created these worlds struggled with roles of power. To the far north is an area known as the wilderness. It was there that the ascended gods fought in a Great War, attempting to control the balances of the universe. The area was left in ruins and the entire region is desolate. A large crater is there and a great volcano. I warn you to not go there unless you are prepared to die. Many adventures can be found in the area. They will attempt to kill you and take anything you have on your person. There is also many dangerous beast whose magical abilities are more than you can imagine. You will find a small wall around the entire region. Look around before climbing walls, there are signs posted warning if you cross over death will soon find you. But as you probably already have been told, you are of an immortal linage, and if you die you will be teleported back here, minus anything you carry.” I could hardly think of what to say next after hearing all that. Words eluded my tongue. So I just blabbed out; “This is a beautiful city. Seems like a nice place to call home.”

You do have a bank account, right?” “Yes.” I said. “Sir Isaac helped me to open an account. He also introduced me to The Duke. But when I followed him down here to this fountain he said a short farewell. I saw him pull a small tablet out from his backpack, and when he threw it down on the ground, something swirled around him and he just vanished!” Hans smiled and then laughed. He used a teleportation tablet. There is no telling where it took him, only he knew where he was going next. These tablets are created from soft clay and runes. Someone who is proficient in magic can create different ones on a lectern in their home. “What is your name?” he said. “I said I am Puissantius. I was brought here from Ashdale. That is where I grew up. But I am told I was born in…” Hans cut him off. “Puissant, I know all about you, where you were born and what you are to become, to do here. I know you will in time find out everything you want to know. But for now, let me help you to know a little more about where you are, after all, that was one of your questions. You are in the city of Lumbridge. It is called that because it is situated on the river Lum and there is a bridge that crosses the river leading here. Here is not everywhere and you can get anywhere without crossing the bridge. We are in the providence of Misthalin which joins with Asgarnia. A map will help you to find your way around.

Go outside these castle walls and turn left, which is north. Follow the road a little ways and you will see a general store to your left. Go inside and ask the merchant for a map. Also ask for a tinderbox. These are free of charge. Next go back south, the way you came, pass the entrance to this castle, a bit further you will see a sign on a house, ‘Bob’s Axes’. Go inside and talk with Bob. He will give you a bronze axe for wood cutting. Then come back to this castle, go up in the watch tower to the north. At the top level you will find a bronze pick-axe. It is yours for the taking. These are some basic tools you will need to survive. Since you do not have a home, or a place to sleep, you can stay in the safety of these walls.” “Okay, wow thanks Hans you have been very helpful!”

Hans smiled a sheepish grin and said; “Now let me give you some advice. Since you are a newcomer, you should study the map. It will give you some sense of direction. To the north is where all trading is done. It is known as the ‘Grand Exchange’ and there is where you can buy and sell anything deemed tradable by the kingdoms. I’m sure you will need to make some money. With the wood cutting axe you can gather logs. Many people buy these for obvious reasons. Also, you can use the pickaxe to mine ores. People buy this as well. But I must warn you that the road to the city of Varrock, where the buyers and seller are, is dangerous. Highwaymen are always looking to steal. I suggest you bank your goods here, then once you get there you can withdraw these from a banker there.”   “Okay.” I said. “But what will I eat? I am rather hungry right now.” “Well let me continue Puissant. You may have noticed the fields nearby. To the north is a farmer who has more chickens than he will ever need. You can kill a chicken. The cook in the castle can teach you a lot about cooking. But he will only let you use his range after to do some favors for him. As always though, you can cook it on a fire. But you may burn it and not get anything useful. So you may want to kill a few birds just in case. Also, keep the feathers. These are useful for fletching arrows, fly fishing and other things. Be sure you bury any bones you have. The gods grant favor to you when you offer them in prayer. There is a wheat field to the north. The owner will let you mill the grain into flour, but once again for a favor. You can then get water from a fountain and make bread. You can’t cook bread on a fire. Baking bread requires a range. There is a man who has a house at the south end of the city with a range inside. He is a cook and will let you use it. Still you need to talk with the castle cook, he is a guild member and once you enlist his help you can gain access to better utensils. A pot and bucket can be bought at the general store. You will need a pot to store flour in and a bucket can hold both water and milk. Sometimes you may even find these laying around.” “Okay that is very helpful knowledge to know.” I said.

“Also Puissant, you can get a free net from the fishing store, and a fishing pole. They also sell bait. It is located west of the general store, across from Explorer Jacks house. Jack always needs someone to explore something for him. He pays fairly well. Follow the road south along the River Lum. You will find a good place to catch shrimp and anchovies. A bit further south there is a place where you can mine copper and tin. I am sure the tutors in Ashdale taught you how to smelt both into bronze. I would suggest you eat what you need to be healthy, and sell the rest. Make useful items like weapons and armor from the bronze and sell the extra bronze bars or ores. Acquiring gold, that would be something you must pursue. With wealth comes power! And you can buy much needed items, like a house. An estate agent will sell you a parcel of land and a basic home. Refer to your map to locate one.”

“There are many shop owners and citizens who will have task for you. Some pay in gold where others may trade or barter. Become friends with everyone you meet. Though some friends are not what they seem on the surface. Be wary but open. There is a sage on the street outside the castle. Ask him for information, he is very knowledgeable. There is a church outside too. It has been the place of Saradominist worshipers for more than 230 years. Father Aereck is the priest and caretaker of the church. He is a devoted follower of the god Saradomin. There is an altar inside should you need to pray.” “Yes I know Saradomin! He came to me many times before, since I was a child. He is the one who told me I will one day have a great task in life. I serve him! He has kept me from many disastrous endings thus far.” “Well praise Saradomin!” Hans said. But as you know there are many gods in Gielinor. You may find there will be times when you will have to serve others. This will be the only way you can ever understand the universes.” “Saradomin is the god of shiny light. The blue giant. The god of order and wisdom.” I said. “Yes, that is true Puissant. He is the founder of the Temple Knights, the highly secretive, and military espionage order that Sir Isaac belongs to.” “What?!” I said. “You mean to tell me that somehow I was brought here by the Temple Knights? Saradomin came to me prior to me being shackled and chain like some criminal. He told me he had chosen me to be a part of some great beginning, to an end.” “Puissantius that is why you must learn more about all things. It is told that Saradomin is the one who commands and gives the orders to the Temple Knights. I heard that Sir Vey Lance, of Falador, the second in command, after Saradomin himself, gets his orders directly from Saradomin. You know all the gods are also of the human race, right?” “Yes of course.” I said. “We are all created in the image of god. Guthix is the one true God. The God of balance. Guthix created Teragard, his home and there he created humans and the lesser gods.” “Well I am glad you have studied well Puissant.” Hans said. “Guthix then formed Gielinor, this world, and through the ‘World Gate’ he brought peaceful races here. A world free of gods. He along with the seven Megastars rule all of Teragard. He, in his human form wanted this to be a peaceful world. That was the first age.” “How interesting.’ I said. “I love lore and the histories. I wonder how Saradomin, Zamorac, Armadyl and Bandos got here if this was a place without gods.” “Hans grinned then a big smile. He said, “The Elder Gods are so ancient the even Guthix says he cannot remember when they first appeared. Guthix is an ascended god. The Elder Gods were here long before anything. They are the ones who created everything from worlds to life itself. They are said to be the creations, the four of them, of the living God. You indeed have much to learn Puissantius. I don’t know everything, and yes I am very old. Still the universe is alive with mysteries and magic and realms not even me or the ‘Wise Old Man’ of Draynor knows.”



“I must be off soon. I have to patrol these grounds as my duke has commanded. Before I go, I’ll share some final knowledge. Come see me again in five years and I will impart for you a gift. To the south lies a great swamp. There are giant rats who live there. You should stay away from there until the time when you are ready. To the east, across the arch bridge, and to the west behind the castle are goblins. They love to fight. You can train your combat abilities on them. I would not suggest you camp in either of these areas, at least not yet. In the Far East are vampires and ghost. In the far west are elves. In the far North West there be penguins, icy and cold. Trolls inherit the region. They are a nasty and dumb bunch. Not as dumb as goblins though. Stay out of the wilderness. You will encounter many other races in Gielinor. The moon that circles us above is the place known a Zanarus. Even the cows talk there. There are many gods in this world. You will find travel to other worlds that have other gods. There are portals found around the lands that take you to other hidden places. Underground, even below you now, there are dungeons. Always have a light source if you decide to climb down a ladder. There are horrors beneath that will eat the very flesh off your bones. One final word. RUN! If you find yourself being overcome by an enemy. Run away fast. Good-bye for now and good luck.” “Good-bye Hans. Thanks for everything you told me. I’ll be back one day.” Hans walked south and around the corner of the castle. OH, I am hungry. I guess I should go and start my adventure he thought. Walking though the gateway and up the cobblestone street as the morning became afternoon, soon to become his first night alone… In Gielinor.

lumbridge sage
Lumbridge Sage
Map of Gielinor

Authors Post Note

In the early days of RuneScape, after character creation, players went first to Tutorial Island where they learn the basic mode of play. Things like how to move, perform skills, banking and other related procedures were “taught” on the island after you made your character. Once you completed this you were then moved to the in-game starting point in the city of Lumbridge. You were free to go anywhere after this. With the release of RuneScape 3, the current version of the game a new island was introduced; Ashdale. Ashdale provides the same function as the old Tutorial Island.

The NPC (non-player-character) Hans that is the focus of this part in story is an actual in-game character. But Hans in reality only has 4 options that he will talk with you. The entire conversation is fictional but it is based on facts. As I mentioned before RuneScape has an amazing, long storyline. I wanted to give the reader a more personal view of Puissantius, one that only a player could see in-game. But again each person experiences this game in a different perspective. I might add that in-game you are not alone. There could be anywhere from a few to thousands of other player around you at any given time. Usually there are 60-90 thousand players in-game at any given time. One is able to chat with other players, trade, challenge in combat, (only in specified areas) follow, help and many other interactive things.



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