The Only Way Out Is Through


I just returned from my European vacation on Saturday.

It was a spontaneous and selfish escape. I did not tell anyone I was going. I packed only one bag and thought I may just disappear, never to return. After spending every holiday alone for the past two years I felt it was high time I crossed some places off my bucket list. I had three weeks vacation, only one could I carry over to 2016, according to my HR representative. So after my last blog entry I flew to Kiev and ended my journey in Ireland. Early this Saturday morning I arrived back home.

One thing I wanted was to completely disconnect myself from the virtual world. Metaphysically I search for being. My intuition tells me that interacting with people and places physically always is the most fundamental of being. One of the most interesting things I learned was the family values a large majority of people in overseas places held. This truly is very important for me… And friendship… true friends.

I did not realize just how many post people made in a month on WordPress. Of the blogs I follow I received over fifty thousand emails in my inbox! REALLY? Are you serious? I find this rather shocking. I did not take my laptop, tablet or smart phone because I did not want to be virtual distracted. And though I took thousands of photos on my Nikon D7200 I have absolutely no photos to share. Maybe along the way, in one of those x-ray scans or some other invasive scan they were erased. In retrospect if I had (taken a computer) I would have uploaded all to Flickr or One Drive and had these to share. Nevertheless I do not regret this, because my mind has some truly amazing memories of wonderful friends and beautiful places. I wanted to give all my attention to me, my travels. Now I am back.


The Sky Is Not The Limit

Journey with me my friend.
Together let us travel in time.
Like sand we shall filter through.
As if only a pebble may get in our way, never will we see it as a boulder. Because we are sand, children of the boulder.
And as time erodes the minutes, together we can make mountains into boulders. More important, boulders’ into pebbles, and pebbles into sand.
Let us capture that moment. A fraction of the minute we share.
Let us dream in deepens desire.
I can imagine a design in story. A convoluted truth of mysterious travels. Sifting upwardly toward the sky.
Someone said the sky was our limit. In my mind I say he lied.
Let him reach the sky. He wants to build a home there… In the sky.
I look at you, into your eyes. You see my laughter and smile.
In our shared mind, we, the sand of time, talk.
Let us marry our thoughts. A pure union of positive thinking.
All at once you understand my wisdom.
And join with me in an outburst, perhaps a giggle or two.
The apparent truth is declared, the sky is not the limit. It is only a stone.
A place to rest. We grind away some time in our sky.
No matter how broad the horizon.
No matter how large these boulders of sky may be.
You and I are time.
We write a new chapter in our lives.
And add the sand of sky to our landscape.
Planting a garden of nourishing food for thought.
I paint the canvas of borrowing sky.
I believe we need windows.
It is the portal into my mind.
You paint a door.
Travel with me to infinity and beyond.
Believe with me… The sky is not the limit.

The butterfly and flower share each other in the perpetuation of life.
Love shared on wings and petals, like us.