When you are kept in the dark and you keep digging a tunnel, you feel like a mole

A Common Mole
From the darkness of a tunnel even a mole needs the love of light

When you are kept in the dark and you keep digging a tunnel, you feel like a mole. Having a sense of helpless hope, seeing no way out, because you are blind, even blindsided by someone is a terrible way to live. Life was not created to live in this way.

Life should be bright, sunny, shared and loved. Life was never meant to live alone. Life must be fulfilling, abundant and cherished. Life is so short. Life is so fragile. Life needs room to breath, room to grow, purpose, and meaning.

Life is not about understand the meaning of life. Life is meant to understand the meaning of ones own life. But one day, when the thread snaps, and you look around, without seeing me in your life… it is then, you realize, you are just a poor helpless mole like me.

Never Take Love For Granted
Treasure Love

Published by

Wade Lancaster

I could tell you more about me. However, I think you will find us far more interesting, if we share more about ourselves. What do you say?

2 thoughts on “When you are kept in the dark and you keep digging a tunnel, you feel like a mole”

  1. I love this Wade! Wow- just wow. And that quote blew me away. No it wasn’t want to live alone- I agree my friend.
    I also wanted to say this in response to your comment on my photo- for some reason it would not let me reply, so I am replying here- i hope that is ok :))
    Thank you Wade! I have an extreme love for the classic typewriter. I could not get into the room- so i photographed from behind glass, but yes I agree, the glasses, the keys, the desk- the antique history- where someone sat and typed and wrote- it is magical and marvelous to me. Thank you for seeing it too! :))

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    1. Oh yes it is ok. It is nice we share the same interest in many things. (now where is that room key) You took me there with your photo. How sweet. I am glad you like the post. What do you think? Many quotes speak volumes to me. How about you? Most days a story just comes into my mind. I can see the whole thing. I do have a little secret…


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