Dive Into My Mind – Swimming In Thoughts

This post is a combination of feelings, thoughts, emotion and some poetic rendering. What the heck… it’s complicated.

you are the home of love
You are the home of love. “True Love” begins within.

Remembering being mortal.

I remember. I do not feel it. I can, if I choose. It is very, very sad bring mortal. There is happiness, yes. But mostly sadness. As I have said, “Count only the happy hours”. For mortals, they are all to few. But for me — there is no more feeling. Only knowing. Not quite no more feeling. I still want to win. I want to defeat evil. Perhaps I have lost the feeling for the people, for their suffering. I don’t want that feeling. It is of no use to me. That is no longer what matters to me. I only want not to lose true love. To lose true love would be very, very bitter.

Letters become words
ABC’s – A random photo from Bing Images – I like the mirror image, it reminds me of my gift.

If you could dive inside my mind, like a raindrop into an eternal sea, we would become one.
In as much if I could seep into your thoughts we will be one conscience, the sum of our best.
I am many things to myself. Yet through discovery I am many things for you.
Humanly we are individuals in a collective soul of existence.
Personally I am myself, a gift in the present for your day.
Seek what you have never discovered. Climbing our mountain gives a beautiful view.

Sea The Mountain
From the mountain to the sea; Looking Into the Mirror As the Story Unfolds

Birds of a feather may flock together but in the quill of wings fly beyond with me.
Wisdom of air will not speak against true love. It always encourages and never destroys.
Will you led me like a horse to water, drinking the blood from my broken heart.
Vixens are common like trolls under the bridge of troubled water.
In the river of doubt one will never know where it may lead.
A person of class is a class act never a class clown or royal ass.

Bird on lilly
A bird makes a boat. Even the smallest of gifts help to tread the waters.

In this mirror I can see all the things going on around us. How sad the view can be.
Still dinner with the ex breaks the trust of an already weakened soul.
So much is best in us because it bound us to family and strengthens our loyalty.
Treasure each moment and love with all your heart because we do have a choice.
A true warrior inspires others to explore peace. A king rules with love not iron.
There are no demons, we create them. In as much we create our own worst enemy.

Betrayal is Ugly
Once you have betrayed me
In gaining there is a loss. Let hate be what you lose, therefore gaining love.

The voice communicates desire. It’s what makes talking so much more exciting than texting.
As human beings we must think very clearly, deeply, in how we treat each other.
How interesting the tweets of peeps who write about topics they never intend to seek.
There has never been a time when I’ve had nothing because in you I have everything.
If you would come very, very close to my emotions.. you would understand my feelings.
Though you cannot see what I am feeling you can listen to my song, a heartbeat of two.

Moon and Stars
Remember you are some ones moon and stars. That’s true love.
Do Not Lose Hope
Do Not Lose Hope

It is not one plus one equals two, but two are the sum of one.
It’s not how you stand by your man it is about standing with him… not against.
Choosing to be a part of my history closes the book about our destiny.
Sand superheated with seaweed provide a fine surface for silver on glass.
And looking into the mirror… as the story unfolds…
Love our relationship fore time is not slow.

anger creates anger
anger creates anger

Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself.
Because it’s hard for someone else..
To understand them..


Stinking fish, you chose two, over me.
The one you caught, did not get away.
Discarded, on the bank,
like garbage to thee.
Left to die, a painful death indeed.
No air from the waters of love.
Nothing to swim about within.
Flopping around, unwanted,
Taken for granted,
Only slow and painful a death,
Given to me.
Two cast, is all it took,
For this fish to see.
I am nothing,
In your sea.
Hate of hates.
Pain of pains.
Hurt of hurts.
In a virtual sea,
I am no one,
I am discarded,
Dead, as all can see,
Completely out…
Of your virtual sea.

some people are angry
some people are angry

I am not saying to walk away from the person. My gosh they are a human being. I know well, all to well, how someone I love lashes out at me. It hurts! It becomes harder every time to endure the pain, abuse… to absorb. Yes it is their battle. Be there for them. Yet, pray the person will honor and understand that you too are human, and can only absorb so much.

How much more can emotions endure, the mind absorb, and the heart break.
What are the limits that true love make
Patience and heartache a toxic waste
Hourglass and hands moving snail pace
Three steps forward nine steps back
Prime number fantasy, two became one
Divided by the virtual, destroying the sum.

An after reading mint in audio
Castle Walls ~ Styx – The Grand Illusion

images and audio in public domain


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1) Is there something you can do about it?

If there is not, don’t stress yourself over it, if there is, DO SOMETHING.

I could go into the blame game about how we are all becoming too politically correct and a whole of other things, and yes, I believe that is one of the root causes, but I won’t. Why will I not do that? Because that is simply complaining with no alleviation. Our goal here is to pose the issues and provide solutions. So here are some damn issues and solutions that will change your habits and…

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I spent five days in the hospital from last week until earlier this week. But this is not the point or focus of this post. I have to thank the EMT persons who went above and beyond.

We all perhaps can remember, when knowing someone’s telephone number was either in our mind or written near the home phone. Remember the little black book? At one time we did not have these cell/smart phones. I am sad to say I myself have allowed electronics to take away my ability to remember. I can not even recall my loved ones phone numbers. Anytime I need to convey or write it I have to refer to that glorious device. So yes, how sad for us all. Especially me.

Once again my point. After being taken via ambulance by EMT personnel to the hospital, going through admittance and getting into a room. It the fog of my condition, maybe even under the influence of whatever medication they forced into my veins, I asked for my phone. Seems it was not either with me or “lost” as told to me by a nurse. How could that be? I am usually sure to place it in my pocket.

So the entire time I was hospitalized, I had no way to let anyone know where I was. My kids, who are grown, I found later had called and texted me on fathers day. My daughter even came to my home on that day. She thought that I had to work. Doing some housework for me, leaving me a wonderful Fathers Day card on the table and departing home she had no clue where I was. For her, it was not unusual for me to be off to some destination.

When I finally was discharged, took a cab home, and looked for my phone, I could not locate it. But I did have another cell phone. Sad, once again, it did not have anyone’s number in it that I wanted to call or text. One person did call my home phone and leave a few voice messages. (OH MY!) So at least I was able to text the one. However, from the content of the left messages I saw no reason to share my whereabouts.

So I am thankful. The EMT whom transported me to the hospital, at the end of their shift, found my phone. Now after a day of doing what they do best they had no idea of who’s phone this was. The lady, tried to look, and being my phone was locked could not find a way to call someone to say I have this phone. She went above and beyond and took it to a Verizon store (my carrier) and turned it in. It took some doing but the employee at the store, found it was mine and mailed it back to me. THANKS! So today I got my phone back.

In a past blog post I wrote about the way we now store passwords and other virtual information today. I once again have learned a new lesson. Write the phone numbers down for the people you may need to call. You never know when you may not have that cell phone.