It’s a ZOO Out There!

Two Trails One Road

IMG_3494 - Copy

Yes… It’s a Zoo in our backyard!

Read this post and you will see what I mean!  🙂

We have lots of quail but we had a Momma this year!

It took Momma Quail 3 weeks to hatch her eggs!

Finally the day came! They hatched and the next day they were out walking around!

IMG_3476 - Copy They are so cute and so tiny! Those rocks they are standing on are the size of a nickel.

There were 8 babies. That is a small batch. I have heard as much as 21 can be in a nest.

IMG_3474 - Copy - CopyIMG_3475 - Copy

IMG_3482 - Copy - Copy Look at Momma… she looks frazzled! This was the last I saw of them. She took them elsewhere. I was so sad!

She took them elsewhere most likely because of this big guy!

IMG_3420 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy Look at those talons!

IMG_3435 - Copy - Copy - Copy The Great Horned Owls perch in several places around our yard. They sound so cool at night! Here…

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