Open House 

Souldier Girl

Couples splatter the halls

Like paint in a gallery
I pass them alone
In my blouse and tie
The makeup of father and mother
…Is the permanent marker of me
Their looks and snide remarks
Can take a seat
The concerned faces
Yes- I do see
I look back just as proud
As her and he
I boldly stand for my children
With an armor doubled
In love and admiration
I am not here for subtle condemnation
I am here…
One hundred percent,
for them.
Art by my daughter Elisabeth :))

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Published by

Wade Lancaster

I could tell you more about me. However, I think you will find us far more interesting, if we share more about ourselves. What do you say?

5 thoughts on “Open House ”

      1. Thank you Wade. Well I made it through the open house- I have been divorced for over five years and I am still surprised at the comments people make. It is so odd to me. I work really hard and literally am doing everything I can so please just talk to the hand ✋. Haha- ok that’s what I feel like saying sometimes. Usually I just smile instead. I really appreciate you Wade. 💖☀️☀️

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  1. LOL 😁 I was talking to the hand. Just kidding 😜 I love the smile at “them” response. That’s me, you. The wizards first rule usually applies. People just never know what is going on in our world, our struggle. I admire you, for being the better person. I really appreciate you 💖 too. Thank you!


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