Everything I Never Told You


We’re a calamity,
a certifiable disaster.
There’s no serene in the way we are going.
I try to be unbreakable and you unshakable,
but we’re splintered by the weight of words.
Shattered, jagged,
shards of glass.
Pain and the bittersweet sting.
I see my soul in your eyes.
You’re just as fu** as I am.
Maybe we did that to each other
but somehow it feels right.
I’d rather walk in the fractured shadows with you
Bleeding, but alive,
than loll in the sun with anyone else.
Catatonic and numb.

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Open House 

Souldier Girl

Couples splatter the halls

Like paint in a gallery
I pass them alone
In my blouse and tie
The makeup of father and mother
…Is the permanent marker of me
Their looks and snide remarks
Can take a seat
The concerned faces
Yes- I do see
I look back just as proud
As her and he
I boldly stand for my children
With an armor doubled
In love and admiration
I am not here for subtle condemnation
I am here…
One hundred percent,
for them.
Art by my daughter Elisabeth :))

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