The Grenadine Inside


GrenadineSome people, the mostly, they see all with blue lenses

I envy them….

I love the blue too you know

but i am unable to find my contact lens

As others do….

I am always banging my head

or stumbling and cursing

sad or feeling bad ~  Grenadine Color ~

slamming all doors as i was the angry wind


problems with the clearness too

i spend more than i can

i drink beer and i love sleep until later

I left people crazy with my silence

indifferent to people’s feeling

I am sarcastic, ironic

Alone in this world!

I pretend and i lie too

just to complete the story

this hole inside it is so big and dark

that sometimes i feel as it should swallow me

at once
and i’ll never get see the other’s blue

But then i envy all this, emerging from my color

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The Power of Positive –>


Most of my prayers are of gratitude, of how thankful I am what God provided for me that day.

Most of my prayers are about being humble in His eyes.

Most of my prayers are about forgiveness.

Most of my prayers are about becoming a better person.

Today most of my thoughts were negative, I was quite angry.

angry because I was letting something so little so insignificant and juvenile get me down.

I let myself down.

Its kind of bummer.

Anger is such a wasted emotion.

Especially, when  I tried to be a positive happy person today.

i dont want to be “the saddest person they ever met”

I want to be the happiest joyful person they met!!!

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atlantic sea’s duck kamasutra playful penthouse haiku


one night in penthouse
which hangs between two hotels
eleven thousand

has seven bedrooms
comes with a personal chef
a pool on the roof

no one below you
just the air that you breathe
ten invisible floors

swim up to the bar
at the outdoor hotel pool
always soft drumming

take elevator
your private pool on your roof
above your penthouse

one point five million
should you choose to own condo
live there forever

now mrs. mallard
bobbing for apples deep end
wagging like a dog

head under chlorine
happiest tail in southeast
neck kamasutra


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