“One Word Photo Challenge: Storm”


[ ˈCHərliSH ]
rude in a mean-spirited and surly way:
“it seems churlish to complain”

If you always look at the storm you will be confused. Focusing on the storm will always bring confusion.

spreading below  – public photo from Bing

The No Named Poem (or is the name in it)

If only you could see in my mind.
Percieve the world through my eyes.
See the vision I see.
In my minds eye.

Gander if only a wrinkle.
Then you shall dream.
In my dreams.
Truth or dare.
I have much to share.

Onward through the fog.
Mountain far below.
Fearfulness in memory.
Valley coming slow.

Goodness quenched by fire.
Ice captures pain.
My mind clear of thought.
My poem gets a name.

A single flower bloomed.
For it I get love.
By it mirrors are seen.
For its from above.

Land, water, by air or anyway