Mindful Monday – Are YOU Mindful, or is Your MIND Just Full?


Welcome to Mindful Monday! I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to. Each week I try to self-discover new things about myself.

Mindfulness is a huge buzz word in the media today. Everywhere I look there is another article written about “mindfulness.” With all the media hype it is easy to get caught up in the mysterious aura that surrounds the art of being mindful. Instead of mindfulness, you end up with a mind that is full! And, you know what it is full of!

However, being mindful is a just a tool in the journey towards self-discovery. When taken at face value, mindfulness is about realization. To me it is the comprehension that a certain set of behaviors needs attention.

Mindfulness is a personal wakeup call of…

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Wade Lancaster

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