Ice Cream dates are sweetest.

Carol Balawyder

Some of you might think that going for ice cream is not much different from going for coffee on a first date. After all, you’re meeting over some kind of food and there are lots of great coffee places where you can people watch.

But listen to this: According to a recent study by Baskin-Robins a person’s choice of ice cream flavor says something about his or her personality.

For example, if you order vanilla you’re more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist. (Oh, my, one of my favorite flavors ).

A chocolate lover suggests a dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible person. My second favorite ice cream flavor is the six types of chocolate at Ripples. Does that mean I’ve six times more drama and charm?

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“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

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“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
Sold / Commissioned 3ft x 2ft

Ferrer - Jack N

Everything in my Etsy Shop is 50% off to aid w/ our Brain Tumor battle.  Use coupon code ART50 at checkout to get 50% off listed price.  Etsy Shop –>  Ray’s Shop

**Signed / Limited Prints available here: –> “Jack Prints

Also, please have a look at the rest of my blog if you are unfamiliar with our struggle.  My biopsy of the tumor is scheduled, tentatively, for April 21st.  Enjoy the artwork 🙂

Artist Ray Ferrer – Brain Tumor

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Mood: A Poem


I am that wasted excess

when you’ve just finished peeling an apple and the fruit rests with its rind resting around it

like a girl in a red dress sitting patiently in a field of clovers and daffodils

and you caress the body but leave the shrapnel skin for the disposal and you never wonder why

I am that surreal moment

when your head leans backwards and strands of hair lilt from your balmy skin

falling with the coursing river of gravity into the coroner’s hand

and you look up at his gentle gesture and realize that your starlight body is in his latex grasp and you wonder why

I am that frayed memory

when you notice that your long-loved scarf is unraveling at the ends so you lift the scissors and cut off the useless bits

and you try to sew it back together but realize that its crimson…

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No One can come between a Mother and her Roomba … Its not Friday?

There is such an empty sadness that fills your home when children whose laughter and shouts of anger have left the hallowed halls. When as a parent you are lucky to receive a text message from your child who used to speak real words to you daily and smile at you like they meant it, not to mention whisper words of love; that these children had the audacity to actually grow up and continue on with their lives, leaving you somewhere behind. And I am so proud, but I am also so invested, letting go is definitely not in the mother’s manual of learning how to cut the cord, because there isn’t one.

I was a teenage mother who graduated high school six months pregnant. The whole of my life has been my family. My first born daughter was an only child for six years; her father and I were…

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