Gravatar Me And You – Make The Most Of It

In the virtual world the dot preceeds everything.

Anyone who uses WordPress has a Gravatar associated with their profile. This is that tiny picture that appears when you “Like” or “Re blog” a post from another blog. We all have seen the picture. But do you know that that teeny tiny little picture could contain a wealth of information? Do you know how resourceful and powerful such a tiny photo can be?

Look at mine; My Gravatar

My Gravatar

Anytime you like, follow or post to your WordPress site there’s a tiny picture generated that comes from your Gravatar.
A person who wants to look at your blog, perhaps follow you or may be curious as to what your blog contains would click on this little picture. Simply enough right? After all, we hope to widen our circle of creativity, attract more readers and gain inspiration from reading.
However, I have noticed, interestingly enough, how few have filled in the links to their blog, Twitter, Facebook or website links. Imagine how wide your influence could be if you simply spent a few minutes today completing your Gravatar.

I would encourage everyone to take the time TODAY to capitalize on the free service your own Gravatar can serve. Imagine how you could turn a frustrated person into a loyal reader of your blog. Consider the visits one could get to your website or followers and friends for twitter and Facebook?

Therefore my friends… What You Do Not Seek You Can Never Discover… Nor can anyone else if you do not have a Gravatar that is complete.

I’m Happy for You

DoubleU = W

you have found the one

and I’m happy for you

you have found your home

and I’m happy for you

you have found your family

and I’m happy for you

you have bound your marriage

and I’m happy for you

you have left me here

and I’m happy for you


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