The Smallest Act

Merging Traffic

The smallest act,
though weighed down
with a multitude of burdens
—judgements, expectations,
comparisons, anxieties,
hubris, and paralyzing fears—
can be seamlessly weaved
by the Creator’s Love
into the larger tapestry
of the world’s awakening.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

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Color Coordinated Cactus

Images by T.Dashfield Photography

As usual, when I see something I want to photograph I kind of forget about where I am and if I’m supposed to be where I’m photographing.  I’d only been told once to get out of a place where I was trying to get a macro shot of a cactus flower (I was standing on a drainage cover and wasn’t even touching any of the plants, geeze!) so when we were here I was “reminded” by DH to not go wandering off too far because I was inching closer to the private residence area that was next to where we had stopped for ice cream at an outdoor mall.  Ok, so I had walked up the path which led to their gated community but I wasn’t trespassing.  I was admiring the view from up there 🙂

The area was a suburb of Scottsdale, Arizona but I cannot recall the exact…

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