Building Your Author Platform: Your Email List/Newsletter

Kate M. Colby

An author website and social media accounts are important aspects of your author platform. However, one tool that many authors wait to utilize, or do not utilize at all, is an email list, also called an author newsletter. Ignoring the email list as a tool is one of the biggest regrets veteran independent authors have later in their careers. Learn from their mistakes and set up your email list early.

What exactly is an email list?

An email list is a virtual address book filled with the email addresses of your readers. Once you set an email list up, your readers can sign themselves up for your list (in the same way that you subscribe to the mailing lists of your favorite retailers to receive news and coupons).

Why do I need an email list?

Your email list guarantees direct contact with your most interested readers. You can send…

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The Quickest Plot Structuring Tool There Is

Sacha Black

The Quickest Plot Structure Tool There Is

I used to be an over plotter. A plotter who annoyed herself because she couldn’t do anything until she had planned ten ways to Sunday. Thank god I came to my senses and pulled the rod out of my arse!

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4 things authors should consider concerning unlikeable characters

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1148655_vintage_fountain_pen_3What makes an unlikeable character unlikeable? Especially a main character? Why should we authors care?

I’m taking a brief break from preparing my second edition of the Herezoth trilogy to reread the twenty pages or so I’ve written of a prequel, which focuses on a character who’s a pretty miserable human being. She’s kind of petty and self-centered, and makes a huge mistake at the start of the book out of fear and a desire for revenge.

In this character’s case–her name is Verony–what makes her unlikeable is fairly obvious. It’s her attitude to life and the way she focuses entirely on herself, at least at the start of things. I can’t wait to see her grow and change as I get to work more on this story. I have no idea what will end up happening to her or what role she might take in supporting or opposing a…

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Building Your Author Platform: 8 Essential Elements for Your Author Website

Kate M. Colby

So, you’ve set up your author website. Now what in the world do you put on it? First and foremost, know that it is your website. Your brand is unique to you, and there is no cookie-cutter model that will fit it perfectly. Only you can determine what features and content should fill your author website.

That being said, there are a few elements that I strongly suggest every author include. I will keep this post relatively simple and expand on some of these features in later posts. This is simply a “what” and brief “why” post — not a “how” tutorial.

1. Author Head Shot

Your readers want to connect with you, and nothing does that quite like seeing your face. Don’t worry — this doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simply find or take a photograph of yourself that focuses on your face. It should be clear (high resolution)…

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

American Writers Exposed

Social media is one of the biggest questions writers seem to be asking…Should I?  How necessary is it?  What are the steps?  After Oregon’s largest writers’ conference last summer the answer could not be clearer – an online presence is a must.

I, personally, did not even have a Facebook account and that quickly changed.  There is so much support for writers through communities and groups that your experience will be everything you put into it, within sane reason.  To be successful is not an illusion it takes time, effort and energy.  To have a following, you must be an involved follower, an active participant in building your platform.

If you don’t know how to put it all together; Google it, the needed information is out there if you are willing to look.  WordPress has blogging courses for beginners or freshen it uppers.  Do not be afraid.   Work for the…

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