Looking Into The Mirror…

As The Story Unfolds…

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.


Anyone on the Internet can rest assured they have made themselves vulnerable to a host of problems they probably never imagined, much less thought of. It is really not very difficult to hack someone’s Facebook account, Google+ or any other online account.

Yes, there is an APP for that. Facebook Hack, Firefox and Linux OS are a great combo to read some ones Private (LOLZ) chats, look at everything on the account, friends list, hidden notes and many other things YOU THOUGHT were private.
Lets face it… If your online… any and everything you do is visible. Certainly FB, Twitter and all the rest spend a large sum of coin to protect YOUR PRIVACY. But the fact remains, there is a hole or a bug in any software.

Privacy is a big concern for both the individual and business. However, the more you “play” online, the bigger a target you become. Computers, phones and even the wallet you carry in your pocket or purse is a target. Most people do not even realize, when they send an email, it goes to every enabled device on the planet (and space) “looking” for they one recipient to say… HEY THATS ME! and began the handshake process. email is OLD technology indeed. Think SMS is secure? Think again. All these text you sent, seen by many. The only secure thing one can hope for is to whisper in someone’s ear. But, with a parabolic microphone, sitting down the block from you, that was heard too. Nothing is truly safe, just a fact you’ll have to live with. So go ahead, keep thinking how private and secure your online accounts are. That little box you hold in your hand, is not where your real friends are. Sadly, for you, they talk about you behind your back. Share your private messages with others, who by the way, are not your friend, because they live for drama and chaos.

Here’s something to put into your little bubble machine. When I had a Facebook account, (by the way, I deleted it, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and more) I would see these people post pictures of their kids, school info, pictures of every aspect of the life on Facebook. People were encouraged to “CHECK-IN” when dinning out, attending some fun park or places the go. now imagine that online predator, just looking for the chance to do some horrific evil for self gratification or WHAT-EVER! Ladies, posted beautiful photos of themselves, make up and lip-stick on. Well, you just didn’t think that your cover picture and profile picture are public did you? Now, you made yourself a target for some pervert. Serial Criminals will often take all the time needed to get what they desire. They know where you shop, eat, what car you drive, what you look like and yes, if you posted on your wall “I have a gun” they will be sure to bring theirs, giving them the upper hand. not only have you made yourself a target, but you family too.

Now imagine this. When you post pictures, lets say of the night sky for example. Time stamp, what is seen in that photo, the placement of the stars and every other object within… just gave everyone your geographical location. Feeling proud of that picture of some nearby lake? Again with a little APP you just told everyone, who really wants to know, just where you can be found. So everything you do online, ever bit of information you care to share, every picture, every post, everything you believe in… online placed you closer to being a victim at the hand of someone, someone who’s very existence is to steal, harm or do unimaginable thinks to you or your family and friends. Don’t put stock in that hand held device to protect yourself. Stop believing that everyone online has “your best interest” when you tell them some secret. truth is, they do not. Stop believing your privacy is secure, because it is not.

I have so much more to write, about this topic. Stay tuned, As The Story Unfolds…


Published by

Wade Lancaster

I could tell you more about me. However, I think you will find us far more interesting, if we share more about ourselves. What do you say?

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